What should we do about justin bieber?

Posted by: ECLP

We all know something should be done about this problem and now we can vote on it :D

40 Total Votes

Deport him to siberia

No internet or famous people in siberia what could go wrong?
26 votes

Send him to the moon never to return

At least we dont have to ever see him again
14 votes
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Fanath says2014-05-27T10:25:20.5449681-05:00
Put him in a small hole. That way we don't need to waste money.
whygivethensainfo says2014-05-27T10:57:43.8155396-05:00
Burn the witch!!!!
Evee2156 says2014-05-27T13:29:21.5215408-05:00
Well I think that we shouldn't do anything cause he is a human and just like others he wants cred he wants to be something he isn't so why should we have to decide some decision that's for him ? Soon you'll see that he will changed and that he did it himself not us.
cooltaco says2014-05-27T13:48:42.2570639-05:00
I say hang im on top of the white house
dallas103 says2014-05-29T08:40:38.5216864-05:00
They should send him 6 feet under

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