What Was Worse, World War One Or Two?

Posted by: Zectogonix

I would love to hear your opinion on this matter.

  • World War One

  • World War Two

62% 16 votes
38% 10 votes
  • Fighting purely in trenches is absolute hell.

  • WW1 caused WW2, created the Soviet Union, and put into motion many other things which caused virtually every war since

  • World War One was probably worse and there is one reason, the world had never seen such a bad war, most countries were thrown into the war before they knew it, and it also helped the world see that the time for peace and to end war had to come soon. The aftermath sucked too, if the world had just helped Germany get back on it's feet, the Nazi party wouldn't have taken over, and World War 2 would never happen.

  • If you want to be realistic, the first world war worked on the tension of all nations that later started ww2.

  • World War 2 resulted in more loss of life, the US became the unofficial Police Force of the World, innocents were gassed to death in rooms, and the Communists got momentum because of the Fascist opposition. The Jews got Israel, and have turned into bad people since. Not to mention the US nuking innocent people in Hiroshima and Nagasaki, when we likely could have run an extensive carpet bombing and achieved the same results. Every current world problem spawned off of World War 2 - Iran/Iraq War (oil/world police), Syria (communist/capitalist proxy war), nuclear weapons are still rampant (but not deployed, Israel v. Gaza, 9/11 (terrorism for going into Middle East), ISIS (backlash against US policing), the UN is worthless (US world police), and there is a current conservative backlash worldwide. In comparison, WW1 had less innocents die; the majority of those who died were in the military, and at this time if WW1 wasn't a thing, they would have been sent to fight in trenches elsewhere. Trench warfare was horrible, but obviously not as bad as nuclear weapons and the blanket of radiation that destroys the land and water supply (Chernobyl, anyone?). And quite frankly, if the argument for WW1 being worse than WW2 is the fact that it caused "all" future wars, my response is this: have you read the Bible/The Quran/The Torah? If these monotheistic religions that all say that "they are chosen/all other are enemies of God" didn't exist or at least weren't as prominent, almost ALL wars could have been prevented, except for those that were over territory and resources only. The only thing I can say that could make WW1 close to WW2 is that the men who died on the battlefield died for nothing. Everything went back to the way it was, except Germany became economically unstable and resulted in the rise of Hitler.

    Posted by: rukata
  • World War II had a lot more death, and plus with the invention of the machine gun, tank, and atom bomb, people had more fear of being attacked in their homes. Also, Hitler killed thousands of Jews, and still tortured many others.

  • We shall go on to the end. We shall fight in France We shall fight over the seas and oceans. We shall fight with growing confidence and growing strength in the air. We shall defend our island whatever the cost may be We shall fight on beaches, we shall fight on the landing grounds, We shall fight in the fields and in the streets, We shall fight on the hills. We shall never surrender.

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BlargArgNarg says2016-11-28T01:10:37.4845389Z
World War 1 decided the winners and losers of the 20th century, and gave rise to World War 2.
STeveisCoCoL says2016-12-07T04:30:21.0903169Z
American civil war did the same thing blarg, whats your point? (the us would be split up and probably not fought in WWI giving the central powers the victory)
STeveisCoCoL says2016-12-07T04:31:06.2682065Z
Also it says which one was worse. No domino affect.
AnonymousAthiest says2017-01-18T15:25:54.8839250Z
The US did not do much in WW1. If we didn't join, the 100 day offensive might have been a bit less successful, and the terms of surrender for the Central Powers would have been more favorable, but the Central Powers still probably would have lost; the Ottomans would have still crumbled due to the logistical nightmare that was their empire, and the Austro-Hungarians still would have been crippled, even with Russia out of the war. If the US was split in two, it would never become a world power, yes, and Germany might have received more favorable surrender conditions, but the outcome of the war would still most likely be similar.

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