What would win in battle?

Posted by: iheartNK

It is time we put to a test

  • The United States

  • North Korea

68% 17 votes
32% 8 votes
  • America has more nuclear power, more powerful allies, & a stronger/smarter military. China is an ally of NK for now but it might not stay like that because America has more allies, stronger allies and better allies than just China and NK. North Korea's nuclear range (at max) is like 4000 km which means they couldn't even hit any west europe nation, America (except hawaii and alaska). U.S has more nukes (that even go twice as farth) more WDP, and are more developed militarily. NK lacks the food and fuel in order to have a long fight for so long and they rely mainly on their imports due to the famine in the 1990's that killed nearly 3.5 million people. China, SK and E.U are the three biggest imports; if there was war, I'd bet that E.U would stop trading and so would SK. That leaves them depending on China and China gets their stuff from Japan & SK so no more trading for them. That leaves China depending on very few resources to aid NK given China would jeopardize their fragile yet large economy for North Korea's economic insufficient self-dependency. However I will give North Korea the award for having a larger military but bronzes means nothing if you have no brains.

  • Even if there were no nuclear weapons allowed, America would overwhelm North Korea by sheer numbers and superior technology. There's no contest.

  • I have had an academic interest in North Korea for years so lets analyze this: First of all, the United States has strategies to handle North Korea and incapacitate their military capability quite literally overnight with a rapid bombing campaign. The bulk of the United States Navy 7th Fleet is stationed in the Sea of Japan and the ROK has naval power stationed in the Korean Sea along with some American vessels. The US has 27,000 troops stationed in the ROK as well as thousands more in Japan. The US has strategic bombers stationed at Andersen Air force, Guam within quick striking distance to North Korea once their air defenses are neutralized. Ground invasion would be the only difficult reality of the war. Once the DPRK is as damaged as we can get them from a bombing campaign a ground invasion will have to start to end the war. Bombing North Korea into submission probably won't work. However, the United States has superior military power and leadership it is only inevitable that we would win. The DPRK has very outdated technology and obsolete strategic thinking. The greatest fears of North Korea comes from their WMD arsenal. The DPRK has confirmed chemical, biological, and nuclear weapons with ranged delivery systems. The Taepodong-2 missiles can potentially hit as far as Los Angeles in the US. Their shorter range Musudan missiles can hit anywhere in the West Pacific region possibly Hawaii. As long as their delivery methods are eliminated quickly at the start of the war this would no longer be a fear. North Korea has two launching pads for the taepodong missile and both would just have to be bombed before they can use it. The mobile launching systems for the musudan would just have to be watched and destroyed as soon as they are discovered with constant reconnaissance which can be done with out extensive satellite and drone systems.

    Posted by: AdamKG
  • North korea will win because it got weapons and nuclear power. United States has less of weapons. Also, North korea is friend with china.

  • North Korea is the wealthiest country on this planet! and the glorious leader can suspend bullets like Neo from the Matrix! JK, North Korea would get freaking rallrolled

  • Because people on this website are too slow to figure out what a troll does

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reece says2014-07-07T13:23:31.1344734-05:00
IheartNK. Whaaaaa? Even if united states had less weapons ,North korea's alliance with China isn't that great.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T13:50:02.6692136-05:00
I don't understand. China is very good ally with North Korea.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-07T13:54:25.3114298-05:00
I feel like iheartnk is just a troll. I mean North Korea has WMDs and a large infantry but no known sizable Air Force. We have the Patriot Anti missile system which can take out the nukes easy, and we have lots more weapons. North Korea is pissing china off anymore and soon probably will not be allies. Also they have the power to maybe, just maybe send 10,000 men overseas to america, where we have 90,000 men in the reserves alone, combined with the national guard, police force, and the american citizens who would fight for their freedom. Wed just sink their ships in hours
discomfiting says2014-07-07T13:56:15.1815255-05:00
China over the last few years due to international pressure has distanced themselves from NK and condemning actions NK has done. They have an alliance an okay alliance but it's questionable if China would actually align with NK in time of war because of the suspicious NK sand the ROKS cheonan, the weapons of mass destruction /nuke development, impounding Chinese fishing boats, and bombardment of Yeonpyeong.
discomfiting says2014-07-07T13:57:21.8554981-05:00
iheartNK says2014-07-07T13:59:56.1506246-05:00
Ok. I admit the alliance not as strong as it was. However, the relations should strengthen in time. Also, it is not kind to call names like troll righwing.
rings48 says2014-07-07T14:00:39.7568404-05:00
They arent very good allies, also US has nuclear defense grids and a far superior and advanced military. NK has "more soldiers" but they would be just widdled away by drowns and air strikes. Would the US conquer NK and take it over, no...
Burncastle says2014-07-07T14:01:07.6137665-05:00
China would NEVER go to war with the US just to protect North Korea. NK is a useless ally for China so they would never risk a global nuclear war just to save them.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-07T14:03:55.7962884-05:00
@iheartNK I didn't mean any offense but it seemed like one. Also your name is I heart NK which i suspect means North Korea so it might have been a biased answer or a troll i really am just speculating though.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T14:04:34.7648386-05:00
May I also add russia is strengthen relations with North Korea. May not be strong yet, but it will strengthen due to captialism's sanctions against russia.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T14:05:17.5865641-05:00
Why you call me troll rightwing? I don't understand
Rightwing15 says2014-07-07T14:08:50.5506743-05:00
North korea will never become allies with russia, NK is too reckless, russia knows this and wants to stay in a stable condition.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T14:10:51.8255583-05:00
Russia visited north korea to strengthen the ties. They allies in past, and now it time to make them strong again.
discomfiting says2014-07-07T14:12:44.6603583-05:00
Take the ally hypothetical out of the equation. It makes everything too inaccurate. It really depends on too many things to know whether two countries will join together and it can change quickly. Nobody has allies.
LogicalLunatic says2014-07-07T14:45:55.5171610-05:00
North Korea has nukes...? Lol
PetersSmith says2014-07-07T14:48:06.8379610-05:00
North Korea has around 20 nukes, this is not enough to destroy the US and many of them do not have a long range. The US has 5,113 nuclear weapons, enough to obliterate North Korea several times.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T14:51:13.1019610-05:00
America will not nuke north korea. America is to much cowardly.
rings48 says2014-07-07T14:59:18.9066251-05:00
Guys, dont debate with him. He is trolling, especially with the fake asian accent he is adding to his comments. Amazing how by talking a little BS everyone talks 5 times more to say its BS. Let BS just sit and be BS.
discomfiting says2014-07-07T15:00:58.0087347-05:00
There is a difference between cowardice and having some humanity. There are people in North Korea; innocent people who didn't do anything wrong. Men, women, children- little babies and animals that would be killed; to refrain from that is not cowardice, that's called scrapping up what's left of your humanity.
iheartNK says2014-07-07T15:01:18.1537889-05:00
Why you guys call me a troll? I am not using accent, I am typing. My english is bad, but I try.
debate_power says2014-07-07T15:38:59.6425016-05:00
This doesn't have as much to do with politics as it has to do with military strategy, equipment, and resources. Do you mean NK, by itself, versus the United States?
rings48 says2014-07-07T16:13:29.4228143-05:00
IheartNK, if you were bad at english, than why is everything you say sound EXACTLY like what someone would say to make fun of Asians. Either your accent is the most stereotypical accent ever, or you are just a troll that I am starting to like because you know how to troll.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-07T16:28:11.1357424-05:00
Iheattnk is obviously trolling. Most sites have a translator built into the coding. I'm pretty sure that this is a site with it.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-07T16:31:46.8515461-05:00
@Petersmith we have enough nukes to obliterate the world several times so I think that when you say several times to destroy North Korea it's really around probably upwards of 200-300 times
iheartNK says2014-07-07T21:41:00.8707466-05:00
You are making racist comment towards me rings. You think all asian talk the way I do? Sorry I suds english in college. My english is not good sorry. Please tell me what troll is rightwing. I read you're english language, I need no translator. Typing is not accent, speaking is. You confuse the to.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-08T00:16:54.1465011-05:00
A troll is an internet prankster basically. They just mess with people.
Sfaulkner says2014-07-11T15:11:58.6692314-05:00
North Korea is absolutely not the wealthiest nation on the planet.
AdamKG says2014-07-14T00:13:21.0275833-05:00
Three people voted for the DPRK!? I only see two comments under it and one is just a joke. I want to know who that other brainwashed person is. Unless you are brainwashed by the North Korean Supreme Leadership you cannot possibly believe NK would win a war with any developed country (North Korea technically isn't a developed country); especially one who is part of NATO.
iheartNK says2014-07-15T10:17:54.2765705-05:00
North Korea would the destroy the America. We have the Kim Jong-un as our leader. He can beat the american atom bomb. We are no scared of america.
texans14 says2014-07-15T12:06:31.7789860-05:00
North Korea is compared to Russia. Except Russia doesn't hate us as much as North Korea, so we're in no real danger.
texans14 says2014-07-15T12:07:30.1610284-05:00
Sorry, I meant to say North Korea is nothing compared to Russia.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-15T13:16:04.1314784-05:00
Its actually Kim Jill Un the cross dressing North Korean glourious queen
SamStevens says2014-07-15T13:21:54.0874196-05:00
@iheartNk: "North Korea would the destroy the America. " No, North Korea is a mosquito that could be swatted away by America with ease.
rings48 says2014-07-15T13:23:18.6867619-05:00
North Korea is beating you right now because you are wasting your time on a troll. I am really so for yall
iheartNK says2014-07-15T14:27:38.5198405-05:00
Ring like to call me the troll. I am not the troll, he the troll. Ring, if you think I the troll, then don't respond the question I posted. I don't go to try to troll your question so why you troll mine?
Rightwing15 says2014-07-19T12:56:46.9364191-05:00
Who the hell is ring? Also you are a troll iHeartNK, you have given no comprehensive evidence towards the victory of North Korea. The USA has the weaponry to completely wipe north korea off the map over 500 times, we have an Air Force that can carpet bomb the entire country for hours on end, we have a navy that can back up the air force and we have an unstoppable infantry, North Korea will never win any war with any country.
Rightwing15 says2014-07-19T12:57:42.1916191-05:00
Nevermind i thought rings was me cause I have a similar name kinda.

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