• Lose all your limbs

  • Destroy that which you have the most endearing emotion for

37% 7 votes
63% 12 votes
  • I would destroy my prized object because in my case i can buy another one. (Xbox 360)

  • As long as it's not another person and that it's dear only to me. (And no I don't no what it is I have the most endearing emotion for)

  • as long as it is just things who cares, not people though

  • I'm not a very emotionally attached to people and objects can be replaced.

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leojm says2013-09-10T23:10:47.9755937-05:00
pozessed says2013-09-10T23:11:20.4554183-05:00
LOL@ Barrack Obama as related topic.
leojm says2013-09-11T00:06:28.4372782-05:00
pozessed says2013-09-11T19:20:49.7233059-05:00
@Krieg: You have more emotional emphasis tied to your 360 than a person? To each his own, but that's a little unsettling.
pozessed says2013-09-18T17:17:05.6813360-05:00
Endear 1.To make dear, esteemed, or beloved: He endeared himself to his friends with his gentle ways. I guess people aren't comprehending the question. I'd expect to see more torsos than corpses. I doubt all the people who voted the "destroy option" would kill the person they hold most dear. I'm also going on the assumption that they care about a person more than anything else.
pozessed says2013-09-18T17:17:30.0178040-05:00
I thought the picture of the baby would give it away...

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