What would you do if somebody was beating up your sibling (if you had one)

Posted by: Leo.Messi

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Beat the crap out of the offender

18 votes

Call Vladimir Putin

He can help!
4 votes
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Grab a chair and some popcorn

2 votes

Shoot the guy beating up your brother

2 votes
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1 vote
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Call the firing squad

1 vote

Beat the crap out of your brother

0 votes

Get your freinds to help you

0 votes

Cry for mom

0 votes

Cry for dad

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Keep walking

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Leo.Messi says2014-12-16T07:30:26.7691197-06:00
Glad to see most people like their brothers
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T07:43:24.8982977-06:00
My brother is twice my age, and stronger than me. It's likely that he wouldn't need my help anyway.
Eli01 says2014-12-16T07:44:28.7131137-06:00
I would probably go to jail if someone beat up my little bro
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T07:49:39.4260828-06:00
It would be good if this poll was more specific. i.e. whether the sibling was male or female, and how badly they were attacked.
Eli01 says2014-12-16T07:52:43.0919934-06:00
It should not have to be specific. No matter what gender or the damage of the assault, you should always protect your sibling. I dont care if Barack Obama was beating him up, I would try and kill the offender.
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T08:08:01.6594979-06:00
If I had a little brother, and he was being picked on, I'd encourage him to do something about it. I wouldn't automatically kick the door down of the attacker, like I would if a guy attacked a younger sister of mine (not that I have one). If my fictional little brother was being beaten to within an inch of his life, however, I would react somewhat differently. So, I disagree. I think it would be better to be specific.
Eli01 says2014-12-16T08:10:27.0828824-06:00
So your little bro is getting punched in the face, or he is getting spit on, or tripped or teased or whatever the problem is, you are gonna just stand in the background and say, "Do something about it!"
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T08:14:17.0194793-06:00
Well no, since the examples you stated are relatively severe. But he should learn to stick up for himself where appropriate, not just to cry on an older brother over mild name calling, or something similarly mild.
Eli01 says2014-12-16T08:17:53.6455360-06:00
Dude how old are you? You think a LITTLE brother is gonna look up to you if you just always say do something about it? You have TO STICK UP FOR YOU BRO. In the future he will remember tht. You won't be close. Trust me I know.
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T08:23:13.3215656-06:00
I'd rather him learn to deal with his own problems when he can, and know that an older sibling would help him when he can't. I don't even have any younger siblings, so all this is irrelevant to me.
Eli01 says2014-12-16T08:24:31.7453464-06:00
Yeah I figured you don't because you don't seem to understand.
Mike01506 says2014-12-16T08:25:54.2012717-06:00
Lol, well if you say so friend.
Leo.Messi says2014-12-16T08:45:20.0573628-06:00
Ya, Eli01, I'm wit you. If my brother was getting beat up I would probably recieve 20 years for what i am going to do the the offender. DONT NOBODY mess with MY bro.
Leo.Messi says2014-12-16T08:46:49.5871292-06:00
Haha, I like the guy who say "shoot the guy beating up your brother".
Eli01 says2014-12-17T06:02:57.4414603-06:00
@kreakin what sick mean person laughs when someone they know and love is getting beat up?
Kreakin says2014-12-17T14:24:13.5167278-06:00
Don't be so lame. All boys fight and having step in for them is just giving the message they can't deal with the situation themselves. Have some faith in people dweeb.
Foodiesoul says2016-07-19T23:28:06.2502476Z
@Kreakin You are so stupid and sexist! Not all boys fight! So, if someone beat up your supposed little brother, you would just ignore your brother and be sexist and say all boys fight. You are really stupid! I'm glad I'm not related to you because if I was, I can assure you that I'd probably kill myself. STEP IN when you see men getting hurt! STEP IN when you see women getting hurt! People on the internet disappoint me to be honest!
Kreakin says2016-07-19T23:30:34.5915985Z
Lamest argument ever. Grow a set or be a victim all your life.

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