What would you do if you were contacted by a Nigerian prince?

Posted by: Cassie412

A Nigerian prince tells you in an email that he needs your bank account number to transfer money out of his country. And if you agree, he'll give you ten percent of the money! What would you do?

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Delete the message. It's obviously a scam.

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Ask the guy for his bank number so you can do a little "transaction" yourself.

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Quickly reply with your account number. This is great! You're going to be rich!

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Send the email to all of your gullible friends.

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Travel to Nigeria and smash every computer there.

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dannyc says2014-07-31T17:27:40.6530962-05:00
It never states the Nigerian Prince is not a Nigerian Prince. What would you do if the President of the United States contacted you? Well, the question is implying that it is the President of the United States, so vice versa.
Cassie412 says2014-07-31T17:59:12.4234774-05:00
To dannyc: when I said the "email from a Nigerian Prince," I was referring to the series of 419 (Article 419 of the Nigerian Criminal Code deals with fraud) scams that became prevalent in the 1980s. These scams were sent from hackers claiming to be a prince from Nigeria who needed the recipient's help to transfer money out of the country. Since this scam is extremely well known, I assumed most people would get the reference and know that the "Nigerian prince" was merely the facade for a scam artist. Nigeria is a constitutional republic, so there are no true princes there.
debate_power says2014-08-28T15:25:28.5820715-05:00
@Cassie, well the story still implies that the Nigerian prince is indeed a Nigerian prince.

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