What would you do if your nation fell to a military dictatorship?

Posted by: Rezamee

27 Total Votes

Fight Back. (Viva la Revolution!)

16 votes

Embrace It. (Support It)

5 votes

Emigrate. (GTFO of There)

5 votes

Accept it. (Meh)

1 vote
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PetersSmith says2015-10-03T05:08:16.9714271Z
What kind?
Rezamee says2015-10-03T05:12:53.3286556Z
Just a simple dictatorship, also I am not trying to refer to any real life ones. So basically, a dictator that utilizes the military for outright control of the nation-state. Let me note that the dictatorship will not involve any kind of racism/racial cleansing.
PetersSmith says2015-10-03T05:17:02.6638573Z
Rezamee: But what kind of dictator is he? Socialist? Liberal? Conservative? Reactionary? Communist? Ecological? Theocratic? Communist? Stratocratic? Fascist? Etc.
Rezamee says2015-10-03T05:22:01.7715402Z
@PeterSmith I left that up to the voter, a military dictatorship is a military dictatorship. The ideological doctrine of the dictator is irrelevant. My poll wants to see a general reaction of what people would do if their country fell into fascist hands.
PetersSmith says2015-10-03T05:27:04.0788025Z
Rezamee: I would think the ideology of the dictator would be extremely relevant when deciding whether to support them or not.
YaHey says2015-10-03T05:27:15.7489789Z
So fascist, then? Fascism isn't synonymous with dictatorships, a fascist state is an ultra right wing one.
Rezamee says2015-10-03T05:35:48.2656348Z
I guess it would be fascist then. I was trying to refer to a simple dictatorship in general, a man with absolute power and that man uses that power to control the military. But I guess his ideology matters to some. For the sake of the poll lets just make it a moderate dictator, one that shows signs of most if not all political doctrines. I'm trying to make it neutral as possible.
stargate says2015-10-03T14:36:10.7452040Z
I would fight it, if we lose our freedoms and he is cracking down on people.
Atheist-Independent says2015-10-03T14:57:02.7005791Z
All the people that say "if Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton get elected president I'm moving to Canada" are for the most part 14 year old boys. I think that this is the same for most of the people who claim they would fight.
Atheist-Independent says2015-10-03T14:57:06.9457691Z
All the people that say "if Donald Trump/Hillary Clinton get elected president I'm moving to Canada" are for the most part 14 year old boys. I think that this is the same for most of the people who claim they would fight.
stargate says2015-10-03T15:20:37.0119132Z
I wouldn't move if they are president. Also I have an good reason why I would fight.
Anonymous says2015-10-03T15:44:59.3149403Z
I would embrace it, I am not one to move in these situations as long as I am not apart of the targeted majority.
stargate says2015-10-03T18:49:38.8202413Z
For me I would fight until either I get captured, die, or win.
Kreakin says2015-10-03T18:53:13.4803693Z
Depends what equipment you have as to if that is suicide or not I suppose.
stargate says2015-10-03T18:55:59.1243547Z
@Kreakin true, but for me I can not give up and let my homeland fall into an dictators hands. Even if I start failing or lack the man power, there is always an way to win, it can be an slim chance but it can still happen.
Kreakin says2015-10-03T18:58:26.9683978Z
As cyber war changing hearts and minds can be waged from any pc globally and is prob more effective you could fight a non violent war abroad?
stargate says2015-10-03T19:02:20.5658395Z
@Kreakin Maybe but if this happened, the best possible means of victory would be more allied nations to help our revolution/civil war. Then to try to get the people here on our silde, and arm them with weapons, not just handguns, we would need some heavy weapons. It would also help if parts of the military helped. That would give us the best possible chance.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-03T19:04:33.4038445Z
@stargate Would you put on a mask and change your name to Zero?
stargate says2015-10-03T19:09:23.3693293Z
@UtherPenguin Of course.
stargate says2015-10-03T19:09:34.8508557Z
tajshar2k says2015-10-03T19:13:53.2651992Z
True Americans fight for what they believe in, both violent and non-violent. Did Martin Luther King chicken out and embrace segregation? No.
UtherPenguin says2015-10-03T19:15:44.7003538Z
Don't oppose the Dark Lord's regime, rebel scum.
stargate says2015-10-03T19:17:02.8110559Z
@UtherPenguin That depends.
Anonymous says2015-10-03T22:52:42.1524308Z
I would likely fight for the regime in power because if they are the likely power to win then I would like to be a glorified soldier of the 4th Reich! Oh wait, wrong regime. But if they were not going to win and they were oppressing me, then I would fight against them, or run. Migrating is good too, rest aside the fact of leaving everything you have known and loved behind.
stargate says2015-10-04T03:32:40.7237538Z
For me I know an certain phase and in this case I would uphold it. Never surrender never give up.
Sole_Executioner says2015-11-10T20:32:35.8121217Z
I thought it already had lol after all , i do live in America. Its just subtly done right now

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