What would you do if?

Posted by: TheHappyReaper

You had a deadly disease, with the only cure being the death of another human.

Poll closed on 1/11/2016 at 12:12AM.
  • Forgo the treatment and die

  • Have the other person die

38% 5 votes
62% 8 votes
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Mister_Man says2015-09-28T14:05:11.9634216Z
Depends who the other person is.
TheHappyReaper says2015-09-29T13:06:09.9435768Z
It is a completely random person.
Heterodox says2015-10-01T18:57:20.3533474Z
How deadly? In terms of time, not kill rate (assumption is 100%). Also, will I be charged with killing the other person? Or do I just make the choice and it happens? Will I ever find out who it was? Is it random among all the billions of people on the planet? If I had a short time to live and it was random among all the people on the planet and I wasn't going to be charged with murder, I would probably choose to live.
TheHappyReaper says2015-10-02T12:40:47.8738134Z
The disease is 100% deadly, the person who dies 100% will die. You won't be charged for murdering the person, it will just be a choice you make, and it happens. To the authorities, it seems as though the person just died for no reason.

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