What Would You Do(In Description)

Posted by: CannedBread

Four buses are heading for the cliff of a hill, you can save only one. They are, a bus with all members of congress, and the president, another bus is filled with orphans and nuns, another is filled with all members of DDO aside from yourself, the last is filled with Albert Einstein Stephen Hawkings Leonardo Davinci Bach Mozart Ronald Reagan, and other brilliant minds. Who do you save

25 Total Votes

The bus filled with brilliant minds

11 votes
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Bus of orphans and nuns

8 votes
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The bus filled with all members of DDO

4 votes

Half of them(which ones)

1 vote
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Actively try to kill them all

Your welcome Forthelulz.
1 vote
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The bus of government officials

0 votes

None of them

0 votes
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CannedBread says2015-06-09T17:07:41.5225407-05:00
Also the buses have bombs attached, the drivers are taking the day off, and only you can disarm the bomb and drive the bus to safety.
Forthelulz says2015-06-10T00:23:04.8364292-05:00
Can I have an "Actively try to kill them all" option, please?
triangle.128k says2015-06-11T09:35:23.1282151-05:00
Now i'm convinced that Forthelulz is a troll...
CannedBread says2015-06-11T09:38:36.9151417-05:00
Now I'm convinced you are a troll.
triangle.128k says2015-06-11T09:39:29.0012056-05:00
How am I a troll?
CannedBread says2015-06-11T09:41:56.4469936-05:00
Wait, what if you are for Forthelulz, and I'm getting trolled right now.
triangle.128k says2015-06-11T09:43:14.3321912-05:00
Oh crap, you blew my cover. I was forthelulz this whole time.
Forthelulz says2015-06-11T09:43:53.8040356-05:00
Oh noes, I have been found out!
Siladheil says2015-06-25T12:07:29.2942195-05:00
I was just about to pick "None of them." I'll let the bus drivers press on the brakes and everyone is saved.
MrJosh says2015-06-25T12:25:22.3008177-05:00
Why would you put Reagan in with the likes of Bach, Einstein, and Hawking?
CannedBread says2015-06-25T12:29:47.0223084-05:00
Because he was a brilliant mind...Duh.
CannedBread says2015-06-25T12:32:03.8837403-05:00
Also Beethoven is not included with the bus of brilliant minds, as he isn't all that great, and brilliant. But Mozart, Bach, Vivaldi, Einstein, and Stephen Hawkings, etc, are on the bus.

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