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Posted by: Dr_Obvious

There's a baby. There's also a crowd of 10 adults. They all face imminent death. Only you can save them. But you have to choose one or the other. Do you save the baby, or the ten adults?

  • Baby

  • Adults

16% 3 votes
84% 16 votes
  • As much as it would kill me to let a baby die, I think I would have to act, based on the numbers. Ten lives vs one. The decision would probably haunt me the rest of my life, but I believe it would be the right choice.

  • saving ten beats saving one regardless of age

  • 10 adults can make new babies

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Dr_Obvious says2014-07-25T13:00:47.2400087-05:00
@rphk123 OK. Here's a real whammy for you. What if it was your baby? And what if it wasn't ten people, but 100, 1000, 10000?
ben671176 says2014-07-25T13:59:34.1588535-05:00
If that was my decision to save one or the other, then I would save all and take my life instead. (Since you didn't tell the complete situation
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-25T14:05:18.2660181-05:00
I believe I made the situation perfectly clear. You have to save one, or the other. You can't sacrifice yourself. You have to choose.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-25T14:06:24.5010705-05:00
0-9 That baby's not having a good day.
Comrade_Silly_Otter says2014-07-25T14:25:13.9522436-05:00
The baby is much more replaceable.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-25T15:03:27.6958041-05:00
What if it was YOUR baby?
Formerland1 says2014-07-25T17:42:56.6387678-05:00
If it was my baby it would be a genius like me and be worth saving.
Dr_Obvious says2014-07-25T18:31:32.8028468-05:00
Heh. You might want to look up the word 'humble' in the dictionary. ^_^

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