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Imagine that you have been told something shocking, that you must tell an adult about, and your friend tells you to not tell an adult nor anyone. What would you do? What would you do if the shocking secret was your friend started to smoke? Would you tell someone? Or would you keep it a secret? What If you talked to your friend about it to try to get them to stop smoking and they didn’t? Would you then tell an adult? You would have to. Talking to them privately is not enough? What if they are taking some oth

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Well depends, because I'm a very stubborn person, I would try get them to stop, and tell they why, it's not good for your health etc. and no I don't think I would tell, an adult (my parents or their parents) but maybe get help from some other adult, if they were my best friend. If they are just a friend, I did tell them to stop and it's not good for their health etc., but if they want to smoke well, then I can't change it, because it's their life, and they chose that path, unless it was serious drugs, I wou

Well if it's smoking, I'll try help them stop, and support them, no I wouldn't tell an adult if they smoked, but if they did do drugs, I would like give them a smack across the face to make them realize what they are doing, and also help them stop, ... I would tell my mom, or they're parent or anything, but if it was really serious, I would probably get some help from idk school teacher that deals with students personal reasons   more
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I would tell an adult since they need to get help to stop smoking.

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I guess it depends what the shocking thing is. I guess it depends how old you are, but smoking is not a big deal. Telling her parents is not going to solve anything, and it’ll just make her mad at you and probably you will lose her trust. Hopefully she won’t smoke enough to become addicted to cigarettes, and she’ll realize that it’s harmful for her health. If you’re talking about smoking pot, that’s a bit of a different story because it’s illegal, but it’s really not harmful for her health. Continue to talk

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Wow, okay, well I think I’d try to convince that friend to tell an adult about it, make it seem like it was their idea or at least show them that if it’s truly something that will hurt/negatively affect them in any way, they should seek guidance from an older and more experienced person.

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It depends wholly on what they are smoking. If its [drugs] , it should really be none of your business. And you could cause a lot more trouble than its worth for them just in the name of getting them to quit a drug that hasn’t yet been proven to be harmful of addictive.

If it is tobacco cigarettes then I think you’d definitely be a little more in the right when it comes to getting an adult to intervene. Cigarettes are nasty awful things that turn into disgusting lifelong habits. Your question doesn’t specify what k... ind of adults you would tell (parents, coach, etc.) but if you think it would help them not start a lifelong habit and not cause any major damage in return (getting beat, fired, or something along those lines) then do it   more
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Ahhhh here don't be a snitch. Also it's 2015 everything illegal to do for our age is normal now. You can't really tell an adult, who would you tell your mom? Their mom? If it was my best friend I would help her stop, but then again, you can't really change people. So I'd probably help her, but if she doesn't want to stop, what am I supposed to do?

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