What would you have a Monarchy or a Dictatorship?

Posted by: Le-vox-von-zhizn

If you had to choose one for your country what would you choose.

18 Total Votes

A king.

A dumb and greedy king.
11 votes

A dictator.

A bloodthirsty, ruthless, intelligent dictator.
7 votes
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omanjoka says2015-04-04T11:16:27.2407004-05:00
An intelligent dictator wouldn't have you do stupid things that you can't do.
PetersSmith says2015-04-04T11:24:56.3869728-05:00
A monarch could be considered a dictator.
Kreakin says2015-04-04T11:53:34.0341514-05:00
Rather a Monarchy than a bunch of rich buisness men.
Kreakin says2015-04-04T11:53:54.9753803-05:00
Uh hang on...
Episteme says2015-04-04T16:06:26.1968340-05:00
The UK has both a dictatorship and a monarch. (In a sense! Not an absolute monarchy or absolute dictatorship... There are still elections... Anyway...) An absolute monarch is sortof an absolute dictator, but an absolute dictator doesn't have to be an absolute monarch. You're sort of asking, would you rather be ruled over a dictator or the dictator's son. (Though, the dictator is more likely to know politics in a certain way, while the king would have been trained over a generation or many generations how they are supposed to behave.)
the_truth1001 says2015-04-10T05:39:00.8852664-05:00
Dictators usually have much support from their countrymen at least in the beginning of their reign and many them actually help the country but with a price... Hitler got Germany out of debt as he promised but the price of innocent blood on their hands was not worth it.

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