What would you rather do?

Posted by: SwizzardWizard

Basically would you rather live for eternity but have a more negative life versus having a normal lifespan but living a very positive life.

  • Be immortal but not have the greatest life.

  • Have the greatest life but not be immortal.

29% 10 votes
71% 25 votes
  • Bruh, I'd be immortal. I'd be a friekin celebrity. How could you not have a fun life. Plus like 400 years from now I could be that wise 400 year old man who has seen everything.

  • i could handle the solitude if it lead to isolation

  • Immortal sounds so good though.. aslong as im not too old, so i can still use some...... websites...

  • I would love to be immortal because that gives me more time to become rich and succseful, i can give up happiness for that

  • id love to be immortal tho

    Posted by: itscc
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CultLeader34 says2015-03-30T18:10:31.0272772-05:00
You could still have the 2nd greatest life forever
Mathgeekjoe says2015-03-30T18:18:05.8921462-05:00
If you think immortality is boring just wait until heat death of the universe, boring would meet a whole new level.
triangle.128k says2015-03-30T18:59:18.2333533-05:00
By then, we would develop technology to travel to another universe.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-03-30T19:04:40.7904179-05:00
How do you even know if there is another universe. Currently that is nothing but a theory.
triangle.128k says2015-03-30T19:06:25.2154791-05:00
If the universe is expanding, I find it hard to believe that nothing exists after you cross the edge of the universe. Also, what was here before the big bang? It just makes sense in my opinion that there are multiverses.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-03-30T19:31:55.1970637-05:00
There is no edge of the universe that you can cross. It doesn't expand into empty space, it is expanding into itself. Now the universe is like the surface of a balloon. No matter how far you travel on the balloons surface you will never meet an end. Now if you blow up a balloon the surface area increases yet there is no end it is expanding into. If you were to draw something onto the balloon you would have notice it expanded. Same thing goes for the universe, the space between galaxies expands effectively it isn't expanding everywhere but within itself. Now as for a limit for the universe there is a real possibility that there is no limit, it could literally go on forever for all we know. Now as for the big bang (really should be called the great spatial expansion) before the big bang there effectively wouldn't be time and thus there isn't a before the big bang.
TBR says2015-03-30T19:41:38.7231825-05:00
Funny Mathgeekjoe - I wrote a post about the same, and I guess it went into the "review" folder. Anyway, what he says. The "edge" does not exist, and you can't move "past".
TBR says2015-03-30T19:44:31.3505693-05:00
Its a tough concept, and very simple both at the same time. There is no edge because the edge is made as space is created. Anything that "moves" into that space has created the very universe it is occupying.
SwizzardWizard says2015-03-31T10:38:53.1433010-05:00
There could be a different universe expanding really far away from ours
TBR says2015-03-31T10:42:06.6884456-05:00
SwizzardWizard - "There could be a different universe expanding really far away from ours" and that's fine. "far away" is a bit of a misnomer, but for sake of discussion it works. What both the Mathgeekjoe and I are saying is, it makes no difference. Thinking of "the edge" of the universe has no meaning.
SwizzardWizard says2015-03-31T11:12:20.1963952-05:00
Or maybe different realities if you want to get real trippy :)

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