What would you rather want pedophiles to receive?

Posted by: reece

Comments would be great.

  • An execution.

  • A robotic child.

62% 13 votes
38% 8 votes
  • A robotic child? Seriously? Pedophily isn't good, and it shouldn't be encouraged.

  • So your plan is to give them a robotic child they can "use". What happens if they don't like it, don't want, or would just rather rape children?

  • These monstrosities need to be exterminated. Those who say you can't kill all pedophiles obviously don't know man. We are the destroyers of life and all that bears light. If we can destroy a whole planet, we can kill just like how we've done before. If you kill a pedophile no questions asked, eventually they will all stop and those that act on their urges will face the same death as the others until all of them have left for the grave.

  • Pedophilia isn't all about sex, it's often about power, the perp chooses who he can have power over. This power craving needs a human target, a robot just isn't going to cut it. Execution vs. not should be on a case by case basis, because there is so much variation among the pedophiles themselves. Some feel guilty, some don't. Some try to fight it, some don't. Many are acting out what was done to them, and there is a difference between say 19 and someone 40, the latter having had a lot more time to have sought help, etc.

  • The execution should occur within a couple weeks found guilty in court. That way, children and families shouldn't have to worry about that pedophile having another chance. If you don't agree with an execution, maybe pedophiles should get help before hurting a child. An execution doesn't have to be to an electric chair, something quick like a firing squad is fine.

    Posted by: aviatr
  • this actually seems the most viable since you can't kill all pedophiles and there's no cure for it this stop them from preying on children and satisfying their urge

  • I really think this would be a better alternative then letting them rape four-year-olds.

  • I don't think this would help, but I don't believe in the death sentence.

  • This way they can fill their sexual desires before they harm real children, executions will just make them think of ways to escape from being apprehended.

  • Perhaps if in the future there would be a treatment for pedophile it would be great.I believe they should be treat fairly just like many other people.

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basils says2015-09-17T08:10:57.3023413Z
.-. I strongly dislike both options
reece says2015-09-17T08:20:32.2357975Z
Execution is an extreme of conservatism and a robotic child is an extreme of progressivism.
reece says2015-09-17T10:05:29.4332617Z
@Blade0886 Just to put it simply... What causes a society to become Desexualized about something?
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:09:02.7036746Z
There were only two options. Im not saying pedophiles should be executed each time, but pedophily should not be encouraged via robotic childs. I would be better off sentencing them to prison, rather than kill every single one of them. Between the two options given, execution is the better option.
reece says2015-09-17T10:10:45.9932609Z
@Blade0886 Yeah, i know. But can you answer my question?
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:11:50.2040957Z
I didn't understand it in fact. What do you mean by desexualised?
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:11:58.9178950Z
I didn't understand it in fact. What do you mean by desexualised?
reece says2015-09-17T10:14:16.4101073Z
@Blade0886 For example a women's ankle. What caused it to be desexualised?
reece says2015-09-17T10:15:36.0652391Z
@Blade0886 desexualised as in taking away it's sexual appeal.
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:15:51.2813845Z
You didn't understand me. The word "desexualised" is new for me. What does it mean
reece says2015-09-17T10:17:27.7009859Z
I answered.
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:26:46.3607837Z
Hum... In that case i don't understand the context of your question. The pedophily cases we're talking about cannot be desexualised in any way. If we're taking the litteral definition of pedophilia, which is indeed desexualised, "the love/fondness of children", in that case there's nothing wrong with it. With the litteral definition, anyone who takes care of children-purposed institutions can be classified as pedophiles. However, this is not our context here. We're talking about crimes of pedophilia, who can't be desexualised, as they're naturally sexualised.
reece says2015-09-17T10:37:20.8743311Z
@Blade0886 Please don't f_ck around. You damn well know what context this is in. Now can you answer my question, for the final time?
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:42:41.2732925Z
Geez calm down dude O_O. I've been staying on topic, which is pedophilia crimes. Maybe you should expose your concerns, instead of bluntly ask a question i fail to see how is relevant here?
reece says2015-09-17T10:49:26.6739036Z
@Blade0886 First examine a persons argument in it's entirety before you respond. But for you, you just totally ignored it.
reece says2015-09-17T10:52:12.5809671Z
Know what angle it's about first.
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T10:57:32.0554150Z
Reece saysSeptember 17 2015 10:20 AM Report Post Execution is an extreme of conservatism and a robotic child is an extreme of progressivism. Reece saysSeptember 17 2015 12:05 AM Report Post @Blade0886 Just to put it simply... What causes a society to become Desexualized about something? If you said anything else, then i'm sorry, i ignored your arguments. First of all: I don't see the correlation between both sayings. I consider the first statement a reply to basils, who i actually agree with. Which leaves us the second statement: you ask a question out of nowhere, and even say "Just to put it simply" as if we would already have a conversation prior and you're reformulating yourself(that's what it sounds like). I don't feel obliged to answer your question, unless you tell me how it comes into play when discussing about what punishment should pedophils receive, which is the topic at hand here and the only one i accept to discuss here, as it's the only one i've came here for. If you only explain your reasons behind asking me this, then i would be more than glad to answer.
reece says2015-09-17T11:11:12.7610759Z
@Blade0886 Nah, i'm done with you. I've already told you it's about taking away sexual appeal. Your reasoning is all over the place. You say "We're talking about crimes of pedophilia, who can't be desexualised, as they're naturally sexualised." and at the same time you say we should punish them for it. And by the way A robotic child isn't a punishment, it's an alternative.
Blade0886 says2015-09-17T11:16:31.5023191Z
Wait a second, your reasoning is that under the pretext that a robotic child is genderless and non-attractive, it should solve the problem of pedophilia crimes? I see where you're coming from, but i will have to disagree. A robotic child will not be able to numb the sexual attraction that pedophils have towards children. The guy who voted no actually ahd a better reasoning behind his vote
reece says2015-09-17T11:20:00.6060595Z
@Blade0886 Nah, this is a waste of my time. Goodnight.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-17T15:34:18.9433505Z
Pedophile of the month? Stupid question. Death penalty does not deter crime and is barbaric. Get it together.
chandlerrouse says2015-09-17T15:36:07.0285599Z
Reece: my answer ito desexualization is porn, but a pedophile is not normal they have a mental disorder that needs treatment.
Mister_Man says2015-09-17T15:46:23.7161130Z
I think you should define pedophile. Someone who has or has had sex with a 17 year old? Or someone attracted to CHILDREN (under 13)?
reece says2015-09-18T02:06:13.4908806Z
@chandlerrouse Your answer is wrong.
briantheliberal says2015-09-18T05:43:10.6574254Z
How long before that pedophile wants to substitute that robotic child with a real one?
briantheliberal says2015-09-18T05:43:20.6414894Z
How long before that pedophile wants to substitute that robotic child with a real one?
briantheliberal says2015-09-18T05:44:13.6350291Z
How long before that pedophile wants to substitute that robotic child with a real one?
briantheliberal says2015-09-18T05:45:54.2868743Z
Why did this post three times? What's going on with this site lately?
briantheliberal says2015-09-18T05:48:10.0233444Z
Anyway, I'd rather pedophiles be sterilized so their urges are no longer present. Much like how you would neuter a dog. No barbaric executions, no perverted robotic child substitutes. Anyone agree?
dietorangesoda says2015-09-19T06:57:45.2954608Z
Actually brian it wouldn't work some pedophiles have been castrated thinking that it might stop them but it doesn't they still fantasize about children and are still able to touch them just not penetrate and do the act
Jeremy30 says2015-09-21T15:52:58.2650847Z
I would like them to be studied so we can figure out where the problem is coming from and be able to treat it, but that isn't an option apparently.
stephannoi says2015-11-04T04:34:33.5835414Z
An execution of pedophile would be immoral and wrong because first of all,not all pedophile abuse children,and not all child molester are pedophile.Probably who knows,maybe children can consent in the future because humanity are evolving all the time nothing stay the same.
stephannoi says2015-11-04T04:36:39.1939362Z
It might be possible in some day in the future that a 9 years old is physical mature enough because not all children reach the same level of maturity some might hit puberty earlier than others while others delay it on later.
haydenchristen says2016-02-25T08:13:45.5412254Z
Being a pedophile doesn't mean relevant to act upon children ,it's just a sexual preference.
haydenchristen says2016-04-18T19:09:00.1904953Z
@ aviatr In my point of view,you are the only one that should be in the first line to be executed.You are an immoral cold blood person and your argument is ridiculously stupid. I hope that you realize the fact,that being a pedophile doesn't always conflates with molesting children and some child molester are not pedophile.
haydenchristen says2016-04-18T19:16:07.6800356Z
You are just as evil as comparable to homophobic asshole people .
haydenchristen says2016-04-18T19:19:51.2918690Z
People like you should not be count as a member of our society.

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