What's keeping the USA back?

Posted by: Voxol

(Remember this is coming from a progressive viewpoint) You look at other 1st world countries and see that the USA lags behind in terms of education, health care, social progress, and other areas. What's keeping the USA back from being just as good or better than other countries in these categories?

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The Bureaucracy

A bureaucracy is "a body of non-elective government officials" and/or "an administrative policy-making group". Historically, bureaucracy referred to government administration managed by departments staffed with nonelected officials. In modern parlan... ce, bureaucracy refers to the administrative system governing any large institution.Since being coined, the word "bureaucracy" has developed negative connotations for some. Bureaucracies are criticized when they become too complex, inefficient, or too inflexible. The dehumanizing effects of excessive bureaucracy were a major theme in the work of Franz Kafka, and were central to his most well known work, The Trial. The elimination of unnecessary bureaucracy is a key concept in modern managerial theory and has been a central issue in numerous political campaigns.Others have defended the necessity of bureaucracies. The German sociologist Max Weber argued that bureaucracy constitutes the most efficient and rational way in which human activity can be organized, and that systematic processes and organized hierarchies were necessary to maintain order, maximize efficiency and eliminate favoritism   more
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Religion mostly

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Population Size

In population genetics and population ecology, population size is the number of individual organisms in a population.The effective population size is defined as "the number of breeding individuals in an idealized population that would show the same ... amount of dispersion of allele frequencies under random genetic drift or the same amount of inbreeding as the population under consideration." Nₑ is usually less than N and this has important applications in conservation genetics.Small population size results in increased genetic drift. Population bottlenecks are when population size reduces for a short period of time.Overpopulation may indicate any case in which the population of any species of animal may exceed the carrying capacity of its ecological niche   more
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Bad Presidents

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Citizens United and the precense of unlimited money in politics creating a dependancybof corporations polititians and taking power from the people.

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Capitalism is an economic system in which trade, industry, and the means of production are largely or entirely privately owned and operated for profit. Central characteristics of capitalism include capital accumulation, competitive markets and wage ... labour. In a capitalist economy, the parties to a transaction typically determine the prices at which assets, goods, and services are exchanged.The degree of competition, role of intervention and regulation, and scope of state ownership varies across different models of capitalism. Economists, political economists, and historians have taken different perspectives in their analysis of capitalism and recognized various forms of it in practice. These include laissez-faire capitalism, welfare capitalism, crony capitalism and state capitalism; each highlighting varying degrees of dependency on markets, public ownership, and inclusion of social policies. The extent to which different markets are free, as well as the rules defining private property, is a matter of politics and policy. Many states have what are termed capitalist mixed economies, referring to a mix between planned and market-driven elements   more
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No prayer in public schools. Pray to god and you will get eveyrthing you want, tis like a vending macine

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United States Congress

The United States Congress is the bicameral legislature of the federal government of the United States consisting of two houses: the Senate and the House of Representatives. The Congress meets in the Capitol in Washington, D.C. Both representatives ... and senators are chosen through direct election, though vacancies in the Senate may be filled by a gubernatorial appointment. Members are affiliated to the Republican Party or to the Democratic Party, and only rarely to a third-party or as independents. Congress has 535 voting members: 435 Representatives and 100 Senators.The members of the House of Representatives serve two-year terms representing the people of a single constituency, known as a "district". Congressional districts are apportioned to states by population using the United States Census results, provided that each state has at least one congressional representative. Each state, regardless of population or size, has two senators. Currently, there are 100 senators representing the 50 states. Each senator serves a six-year term, with terms staggered, so every two years approximately one-third of the Senate is up for election   more
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CannedBread says2015-04-21T17:02:30.2495259-05:00
Our education is just as good as other countries education systems, its just that people in America are stupid. Our healthcare is amazing, like in Canada their healthcare sucks, because its free, in America our healthcare is great depending on your healthcare provider, Obama care would just decrease the quality of healthcare. I think if the Democrats weren't retarded than America could advance in everything.
Russia_The_almighty says2015-04-21T18:33:37.9260485-05:00
Definitely not population size since China is around the same size and isn't doing that bad as far as I know.
58539672 says2015-04-21T19:06:40.7252648-05:00
Focusing to much on short term goals instead of long term ones and our general fear of taking risks. If a politician can't give us solutions to our problems in 1-4 years, we remove them from office. And the politicians are too afraid of failure to take a risk for fear of losing their position.
briantheliberal says2015-04-22T15:34:37.4289451-05:00
Definitely conservatives, especially the religious ones.
TheChristian says2015-04-22T15:40:44.8643697-05:00
Oh so the conservatives who are religious (Me and a lot of people fighting for equal rights) are holding the USA back instead of those who do not favor equal rights? Doubtful.
CannedBread says2015-04-22T20:29:12.2411969-05:00
Briantheliberal, you are just an average liberal that once you believe in something than you won't stop believing in that.
Stefy says2015-04-23T06:06:48.3534048-05:00
CannedBread: If you actually look at the acience thats true of all ideologies. But it actually applies extremely slightly more to conservatives because their fear centers in the brain actually tend to be larger. (Two sepwrate studies)
Vladimirova says2015-04-23T13:34:07.3706841-05:00
It is the capitalists who hold America back from achieving its true potential.
briantheliberal says2015-04-23T14:21:49.1536541-05:00
CannedBread, and you're just an average conservative who does the same thing.

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