What's more annoying: White Liberals or Chihuahuas?

Posted by: CrypticMediaDebate

These are the two plagues of the world. Which one of these takes the annoying cake? Political white liberals, or annoying yapper dogs?

  • White Liberals

  • Chihuahua

93% 13 votes
7% 1 votes
  • there is nothing more annoying...

  • Oooo...this is a toughie... I'll go with the one that tries to restrict free speech, impose their will, acts violently to anything in opposing viewpoint, and blatantly discriminates while accusing others of being discriminatory.

  • Chihuahuas are cute

  • The left of the political spectrum, regardless of skin color, is not only annoying, but dangerous.

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Midnight1131 says2016-06-04T18:03:36.5461924Z
Don't call them liberals. They're leftist progressives. Calling them liberals is a disgrace to the word.
themassesaredumb says2016-06-05T02:08:02.4720133Z
Good point Midnight1131. Liberals, in all sense of the actual/traditional definition, are fine and can be accepted as humans. I don't know what to make of leftist progressives... Should anarchy ever breakout, f***ing run...If I ever find out and catch ya, I'll 'take my time'...
Scep says2016-06-08T02:53:42.8840860Z
Well, all liberals are annoying.

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