What's more dangerous to you; a criminal with a gun or a cop with one thinking you are a criminal?

Posted by: Heterodox

Use your own reasoning using the given information. Typing it out in comments is appreciated.

  • Criminal with a gun.

  • Cop with a gun that thinks you are a criminal.

65% 13 votes
35% 7 votes
  • because you can defend and prove your innocent (Unless you are a criminal) with a cop.

  • Just because a cop thinks you're a criminal doesn't mean he's gonna kill you. A criminal doesn't care about the well being of others and would be more likely to kill someone he doesn't care about to get his way. A cop isn't trained to "shoot first, ask questions later," so if you don't act like a moron, you won't get shot.

  • A criminal could kill me. A cop could arrest me, but if I'm innocent I would be fine after he finds out.

    Posted by: Bob13
  • The cop can call backup.

  • As we have seen over the years, cops can be violent and, in the heat of the moment, can definitely mistake you for someone with malicious intentions. A criminal could kill you, but he would probably take your money, and if you resisted, he might shoot you.

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Haroush says2015-11-04T12:41:24.8706902Z
What a dumb question..
ZacGraphics says2015-11-04T13:06:25.9583838Z
A Cop won't shoot at a criminal, unless they shoot back. A criminal with a gun would probably shoot at you either way.
Heterodox says2015-11-04T14:15:28.5245127Z
@ZacGraphics Thanks for at least mentioning how you came to that conclusion. I definitely don't agree with you, but at least you have an opinion.
TBR says2015-11-04T15:51:52.5133093Z
Yea, you know, its close. The cop thinking I am a criminal will be very inclined to act. Criminals are after "stuff". When said stuff is in their hands, more often than not, they just want to leave quickly. There is really no benefit to a criminal to interact any more with you once his mission is accomplished.
BlackFlags says2015-11-04T21:38:05.9624428Z
I like criminals
ZacGraphics says2015-11-12T16:26:04.0564770Z
Well, in the scenario @TBR explained, I would agree that a cop is more dangerous.
Mister_Man says2015-11-12T22:33:20.5526352Z
This may actually be equal in a sense, even though I still don't think cops are as dangerous. A criminal robbing you at gun point will (most likely) not shoot you once he gets what he wants. A cop telling you to get on the ground will (most likely) not shoot you once you get on the ground. Either way, the chance of either shooting you after they get their desired outcome is incredibly low. So it could very well just be a tie. However criminals have less of a regard for human life.
whatshouldIdo says2015-12-15T17:43:19.8429544Z
Criminals are not highly trained to shoot with a gun. Cops on the other hand are.

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