What's more important the environment or a sustained economy?

Posted by: dietorangesoda

What i mean is do environment harming jobs that we do need in this country outweigh our pressing environmental concerns?

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BrendanD19 says2016-09-13T02:25:48.7729677Z
@hackneyed no environment, no economy
ThePostMarxist says2016-09-13T08:29:58.1822260Z
How can anyone put economy over the environment?
TimtheImpaler says2016-10-06T23:51:35.2670410Z
I love how people like @hackneyed always act as if all we are producing is "the necessities of life". 99.99% of what is produced from raping the planet has nothing to do with "food and clothing". Cars, motorcycles, golf clubs, wedding dresses, pet supplies, Barbie dolls, iPhones, surf boards, skiis, knick knacks, magazines, CDs, DVDs, diamond rings, etc. etc. Trillions of useless items all being made to try and fill a deep void in soulless humans. "No society" would be a great thing and going back to hunter/gatherer is exactly what SHOULD happen.

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