• Capitalism

  • Ebola

25% 4 votes
75% 12 votes
  • It destroys more people.

    Posted by: seele
  • It's impacted more people, and even though there's not much wrong with it, a little bit of wrong in a lot of people adds up to a lot of wrong.

  • Ebola is an incurable infectious disease that gruesomely kills you from the inside out, Capitalism is an economic system that best matches the nature of man and therefore succeeds best in raising the standard of living for everyone and increasing material abundance. Capitalism, unlike Ebola, allows for individual freedom to flourish independent of the collective and thus shields the individual from being controlled by the collective. Ebola will force internal organs to shut down and liquidate, whereas Capitalism fosters competition in the market. While under Capitalism, consumers are the real controllers of the economy since they hold more leverage on the demand side and can choose to purchase goods or services from different suppliers depending on quality, convenience, and cost, Ebola tends to make you bleed from your orifices until you die. Capitalism, being a system of limited government and privatization, is almost the exact opposite of Ebola, a highly contagious fever-like disease.

  • Duuuuuuuuhhhh...

  • Let's see lost money, or Deadly disease...

  • Capitalism= some injustice Ebola= death yeah Ebola is worse

    Posted by: Bob13
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triangle.128k says2015-09-30T23:04:49.2212016Z
RMM is the communist version of heil.
Forthelulz says2015-10-01T02:02:36.2953245Z
That's a bit unfair to heil, don't you think?

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