• McDonald's

  • Burger king

83% 15 votes
17% 3 votes
  • It is definitely a lot cheaper in my humble opinion. Also my dad worked at BK for the first half of my life, so since I was surrounded by BK for a great amount of time, I can't even go near a BK to save my life.

  • We don't have a burger king in Australia, I dont think so anyway. McDonalds may be unhealthy but it does taste quite nice as a sometimes treat.

  • I love McDonald's! Their Big Mac tastes like savory heaven and their fries are the best fries I've ever had! Their smoothies are delicious and so are their shakes. Also, the employees are mostly friendly towards you and give you what you ordered, most of the time!

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Idiosyncratic says2015-05-12T21:53:31.1552748-05:00
Neither. They both kill stray cats and dogs and mix them into their meat. They are the nasties, and should be burned.
Stefy says2015-05-13T06:13:16.3518868-05:00
Ive never tasted either one in my life actually. Kind if weirs because i dint like fast food that mih but its nit like ive made a point to avoid it i go to mcdinalds every once in a while but i always get a wrap
tajshar2k says2015-05-13T07:23:14.6621106-05:00
I like Wendy's better tbh.

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