Whats your opinion on third party cookies?

Posted by: KittyCatAdie

What does the world think about third party cookies?

  • Third party cookies are good

  • Third party cookies are bad

12% 1 votes
88% 7 votes
  • The first party I went to this month had pretty bad cookies, the 2nd party I went to had no cookies at all. :( But the third party I went to had great cookies.

  • They are crummy.

  • They prevent the proper viewing of dank memes.

  • After three parties and no one's eaten that one cookie, it would go bad.

    Posted by: gabep
  • Third-party cookies are annoying, lagging and a waste of your time. If you want your internet go faster, disable third-party cookies. Third-cookies are there to analyze your browsing habits and you don't want that.

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TBR says2016-01-19T05:57:05.2031420Z
This is a very neive question from a technological perspective.

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