When do you think?

Posted by: mishapqueen

General patterns, obviously it's a mixture, but which do you do the most?

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I think before I speak

8 votes

I think while I speak

6 votes
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Before I consciously think

3 votes

I never think

2 votes

I think after I speak

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mishapqueen says2014-08-01T01:05:53.8776047-05:00
Prove it.
muricamurray says2014-08-01T01:06:14.2198743-05:00
mishapqueen says2014-08-01T01:06:36.0441344-05:00
Well then....
muricamurray says2014-08-01T01:07:04.7479504-05:00
UltimateBohab says2014-08-01T01:10:55.2368711-05:00
WHerees the "never" option?
mishapqueen says2014-08-01T01:12:26.2334210-05:00
Look above. :)
mishapqueen says2014-08-01T01:13:07.0750064-05:00
MM, no problem, I'm not offended. Your comment was just so weird....
jyotipatel says2014-08-01T02:06:30.8306159-05:00
I think every second,except when i sleep :)
MasturDbtor says2014-08-01T03:53:23.1311270-05:00
This question is ambiguous. Which cognitive processes count as "thinking" and which do not? How do I know if in a given case I thought or I intuited or etc...? What if I never think before I speak but I often intuit the reactions of others? What if stopping to think(here meaning to actually deliberately go through it either in words, symbols or at least picturing it, a sudden insight or just remembering a lesson from a previous example doesn't count) would actually make things very awkward because then my attention wouldn't be where it needs to be? Words used to refer to mental phenomenon are always very ambiguous and few people stop to think about and appreciate that.
MasturDbtor says2014-08-01T03:59:18.1471541-05:00
An example of the ambiguity of the word "think". As a child when people said "you're thinking about, stop thinking" in connection with say sports I got confused. I thought I was literally supposed to have nothing on my mind. I thought "think" meant any sort of cognitive process I had any awareness of. So "focus on the ball" and "don't think" together were highly confusing. I figured that my "subconcious" or "unconscious" (wasn't sure which or what to call it) was supposed to notice the ball and it wasn't supposed to consciously register at all. I was very shy as a kid. Otherwise I probably would've picked up on these things faster through trial-and-error interactions. It's a lot easier to get what people mean by "think" in its various manifestations as an adult especially since the subject of Sapir-Whorf theory and linguistics is one of my interests.
reece says2014-08-01T07:33:23.2129045-05:00
@mishapqueen could you add "I subconsciously think before I consciously think" please.
reece says2014-08-01T07:37:10.7247176-05:00
Or *before i consciously think" would be better.
mishapqueen says2014-08-01T08:54:13.9927795-05:00
I added it.
reece says2014-08-01T08:56:38.7167626-05:00
Thank you:)
mishapqueen says2014-08-01T08:58:08.0128798-05:00
You're welcome!
FIZBO says2014-08-01T11:50:32.1038008-05:00
FIZBO says2014-08-01T11:51:09.5883296-05:00
Yesssss, I thought i couldn't comment, vote, debate it anything anymore
FIZBO says2014-08-01T11:51:29.3847296-05:00
Formerland1 says2014-08-01T11:53:55.7189164-05:00
I think all the time, do not be surprised if I'm in the middle of talking to you and I zone out, its just that something more interesting is happening inside my head.
GETTINGxHIGHxOFFxFUNxDIP says2014-08-01T14:55:59.7353896-05:00
Thinking? What is this?
GETTINGxHIGHxOFFxFUNxDIP says2014-08-01T14:57:36.9564592-05:00
This is not as SWAGALICIOUS as fun dip.

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