When do you think the US will completely legalize marijuana?

Posted by: imabench

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10-25 years

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3-5 years

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5-10 years

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> 25 years

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Before this year ends

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1-2 years

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Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T07:38:04.9733179-05:00
Hopefully never.
CyberConor says2015-04-21T15:52:47.1032471-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe, why not? I don't smoke weed, but it's no more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T15:54:16.7711250-05:00
Because it is better if some states have it legalized and others don't. It makes it easier to compare the effects of marijuana in the society of the US.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T15:54:55.0708674-05:00
"I don't smoke weed, but it's no more dangerous than alcohol and cigarettes." Well alcohol and cigarettes don't have misleading campaigns saying they are safe.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T15:56:20.6062157-05:00
On top of that. Legalized tobacco+Legalized Marijuana+Legalized alcohol is a lot worse that Legalized tobacco+legalized alcohol. If you need me to explain, I will.
58539672 says2015-04-21T17:51:41.6997814-05:00
The Government will probably legalize it just so they can tax it. If making something illegal doesn't work, getting money out of the whole situation can lessen the blow.
neoryan1 says2015-04-21T18:12:58.5808137-05:00
@Mathgeekjoe Marijuana is safe. The only false campaigns about it are those saying it isn't.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-21T18:37:06.0781828-05:00
Neoryan1, If you really believe marijuana is safe, then your beliefs are outdate. Research with it the last 5 or so years has been showing several harmful side effects of marijuana.
neoryan1 says2015-04-22T19:06:05.8733285-05:00
Such as? From what I've seen it's no where near the effects of alcohol, but yes there are some small side effects that don't make it "100% safe" but the same thing goes with basically everything, including Tylenol.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-22T19:16:14.0383278-05:00
Marijuan causes mania http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/02/150210160101.htm It changes the structure of the brain http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/04/140415181156.htm It causes permanent loss of memory http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2015/03/150312082906.htm Marijuana is addictive http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140716090846.htm Marijuana can also increase impulsive behaviors which could trigger use of other drugs http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2014/07/140716090846.htm
neoryan1 says2015-04-22T19:31:01.0012173-05:00
That isn't a good enough reason to ban it. Mania is a side effect to many prescription drugs. Not really a huge problem anyway. Alcohol changes your brain structure even more so, should that be illegal also in your opinion? It CAN cause permanent memory loss by users who use it daily... So back to the alcohol question. Caffeine is addictive. Again, alcohol does the same, but the true argument is so what? It's someone's personal choice to start using a worse drug, not the drug's fault. We don't blame alcohol for drunk drivers do we? So like I said no it's not "100% safe." But nothing is. You can find problems with virtually everything.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-22T19:36:54.1718812-05:00
"Alcohol changes your brain structure even more so, should that be illegal also in your opinion?" If you could feasibly keep alcohol illegal then yes I do think alcohol should be illegals. But guess what, we couldn't keep alcohol illegal longer than 15 years if we wanted to. Marijuana has been illegal for 45 years without the problems. If we wanted to keep marijuana illegal for 45 more years, we could.
Mathgeekjoe says2015-04-22T19:38:47.3926402-05:00
Here is the way I see it. Legalizing recreational marijuana produces more harms than good. So it shouldn't be legalized.
neoryan1 says2015-04-22T20:37:53.4561380-05:00
There's so much money currently being spent on law enforcement to bust people who use marijuana all for what? The cartel is making bank off a law that isn't followed by many. And besides if marijuana was legalized, it would be more safe since it would not have a chance of being laced with something, and the taxes we could make from it would be well worth it.
A2 says2015-04-23T00:35:49.7733042-05:00
This same stuff was said about the internet, yet here we are.

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