When in Conflict, the Right to Individual Privacy is more important than National Security?

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Individual Privacy is more important than National Security?

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A balance where neither is too negetively affected. This is a false choice.

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National Security is better than Individual Privacy?

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Throughout history every time the government gains power we lose not only IP but also Liberty.

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Roodvlees says2015-05-29T06:28:24.9013460-05:00
There is always conflict. The problem is that giving up privacy also has the effect of giving up freedom. Also this idea that giving up privacy will significantly increase security is a myth. The only support for it comes from gut feelings while the people who actually investigated the results of mass spying practices found it was not working. Even the NSA quickly realized after starting with these methods that they were not producing results because the terrorists are totally paranoid, they write their own software, even before 9/11. So why do they keep doing it? It seems there is economic advantage. Americans are known to have spied on allies in trade negotiations and on foreign companies to give the US companies an advantage. It's sad that the US apparently need stealing to keep their competitive advantage.
jusu says2015-09-02T22:00:27.0214808Z
Roodvlees is correct- we slowly give up our freedom as we allow the government to withdraw our privacy. Anyways, how can we be sure that those who are "securing" us are really safe? What if this is just a form accession for those who are claiming to keep us safe. Those that secure us will have a.) all the guns b.) all of our information.
TruthSeeker95 says2015-09-22T14:25:21.5307542Z
"A house divided cannot stand, physically and politically. When people loose or have their individual rights' violated, they turn on the government. E.G The reason America was created. The former english were protected by England but had no individual privacy. No true freedom to exercise religious freedom from the English Church. And so the people rose up against the nation and left. The citizen of the nation that is protected from possible threat will be not dead, but won't have protection of rights. But such chaos and rebellion against a government would ensue. Then there will be no national security
QuinnCR says2015-10-15T19:45:35.7764334Z
But what are governments created to do? Protect their citizens as long as they don't abuse their power. As the constitution says "Provide for the Common defence, promote the General welfare. Therefore it should be a balance.

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