When posting someones work, what is the right course of action?

Posted by: Jifpop09

  • Copy and paste a large block of test, don't include a link, but keep the title

  • Write your own opinion in your own words, then put the link beneath it

25% 1 votes
75% 3 votes
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Jifpop09 says2014-04-09T17:07:15.9893181-05:00
My mistake, it should say their opinion in your own words.
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-09T17:09:26.1835873-05:00
Oh, I thought Jifpop was the authority, why are you asking everybody?
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-09T17:27:55.0854956-05:00
You are a sad little fellow, to get this bent and to make polls and threats and debates and act like someone pulled your toenails off with pliers over some trivial little meaningless nothing. Is your life that empty? My gosh Jif, you have some real intellect what in the hell has gotten into you? Are you smoking blue? It is a shame to see a man of your worthiness go down the shame spiral the way you have tonight. Pity.
stanleymilgram1959 says2014-04-09T17:36:21.4296878-05:00
Stop and wonder if you have a life or if jif pop is in your head f*cking with you. This isn't like signing the honor pledge at Harvard. You aren't turning in a paper folks. Jif has lost it. If you want the source it is easy enough to give. God what drama.
Jifpop09 says2014-04-09T17:37:27.6359057-05:00
Its against the sites rules, but I am giving people a chance to defend what you did and bring up some reasonable points.

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