When the Declaration of Independance states that all are etitled to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", does this include the child in the womb?

Posted by: DefenderOfTheTruth

If so, is abortion thus unacceptable according to the Authors of the Declaration?

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DefenderOfTheTruth says2014-08-05T08:55:19.1155542-05:00
When the Declaration of Independance states that all are ENTITLED to "life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness", does this include the child in the womb? Sorry for spelling mistake.
DefenderOfTheTruth says2014-08-05T08:56:09.3533423-05:00
SweetTea says2014-08-05T09:07:28.7995570-05:00
Interesting idea. But you realize ... We are NOT governed by the Declaration of Independence. We are governed by the Constitution of the U.S. The Declaration, though a Founding document of historical significance, is not organic law. Even Thomas Jefferson, its author, described it as a "philosophy". Http://legal-dictionary.Thefreedictionary.Com/Declaration+of+independence
TrustmeImlying says2014-08-05T09:17:26.4873442-05:00
Not only are we not governed by the declaration of independence, (as it was simply... A declaration. Of independence.) It says that MEN are created equal. So at this point, black men, any woman, and generally non-European land owning foreigners weren't particularly on the list of those deserving of life, liberty, or property (er, I mean, happiness.) Also, if someone is claiming that our forefathers ideas of what constitutes life trumps our advancement in medical science, than that person probably shouldn't be trying to argue any points for "right to life" claims.
Anonymous says2014-08-05T09:30:32.3253718-05:00
The conclusion in the description is incorrect. If that logic were applied everywhere, we would have no power to punish criminals.
Source says2014-08-05T09:52:51.9607999-05:00
The child in the womb is not conscious nor does he understand any of those concepts upon being born. However, if you do not give the woman a right to have an abortion, you are actively impairing her pursuit of happiness.
Anonymous says2014-08-05T10:06:30.1676474-05:00
Right, a common objection would be to say the fetus has no will and can't be punished. That's why you must approach it from the woman's perspective and see that her rights are being violated, and the law cannot force that upon anyone. However, sentience isn't the best defense against rights. It doesn't appear for YEARS after birth. That's why the distinction must be made that the fetus is physically (not socially) dependent on the mother, and that its existence comes at an inherent cost to another.
shaddamcorrinoIV says2014-08-05T10:26:27.7899410-05:00
I was friends with a woman who had to get an abortion because her life depended on it. How come pro-life people never bring the fact that plenty of people get an abortion because of that reason, is she a bad person for doing that? Did she not have a "right to life" as you say?
Anonymous says2014-08-05T10:53:49.8417183-05:00
650 women in the US die every year from birth related issues.
Stalin_Mario says2014-08-05T11:03:27.2739942-05:00
^ The rest stay alive because they had an abortion.
ColterFleming1 says2014-08-05T11:29:45.9063317-05:00
Technically, an infant doesn't have a will yet, either, so would it be okay for a mother to abandon her infant for the sake of her happiness?
Anonymous says2014-08-05T12:02:11.2024394-05:00
That's called adoption.
Anonymous says2014-08-05T12:03:11.2323938-05:00
If you mean killing it, then no, because an infant is socially dependent on the mother, but not physically attached. The existence of an infant does not violate the woman's right to her own body.
Stalin_Mario says2014-08-05T12:04:57.3060993-05:00
I can't believe actually think it's okay to force a women to undergo a pregnancy. Disgusting, in my opinion.
TrustmeImlying says2014-08-05T13:25:20.5859870-05:00
I'm a guy, so I'll never truly understand childbirth, but I imagine being forced to have a child I didn't want, (even if it wasn't a health risk to me) would be one of the worst things someone could do to another. Many consider rape to be one of the most personal, violating crimes a person could commit against another, but I personally think forcing someone to have a child would be much worse.

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