When will the American people realize they are being robbed by the government?

Posted by: 1814Username

Last week it was reported that the government lost $619 billion dollars. In 2001, the Pentagon lost $2.3 Trillion. The FED also lost $9 Trillion. Let's face facts. America is being robbed blind.

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America does realize it but people will do nothing about it and those in power know this.

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Our government would never rob from us there is a logical reason for $12 TRILLION dollars going missing.

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America will never realize it.

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Craighawley215 says2014-08-11T13:28:40.9704953-05:00
Your #2 answer is incorrect. Realistically, the debt is closer to 18 trillion dollars. Most people don't know, because most people don't care enough to do their homework. That's why the government has pushed so many social issues in the past 10 years. They keep the people happy with a few cultural decisions, while our finances are spent.
Cold-Mind says2014-08-11T13:31:05.8624111-05:00
@Craighawley Numbers of answers are switching based upon the number of votes.
Cold-Mind says2014-08-11T13:31:49.3861321-05:00
Some Americans are aware and some are not. This is how it was, is and is going to be.
johiah says2014-08-11T14:30:08.0623118-05:00
You forgot that they owe china 3 trillion
debate_power says2014-08-11T15:24:54.0315023-05:00
The government appears in to in the middle of a heated dispute between Republicans and Democrats, but that is not the case- the trivial arguments of both parties are allowed to continue to provide a false veneer of bipartisanship. The U.S. is ruled by one party- the oligarchy.
SweetTea says2014-08-11T15:32:45.6277013-05:00
If we are going to count our losses ... You MUST start at the local level, then state, then federal.
Zylorarchy says2014-08-11T15:41:07.8579475-05:00
Many many countries owe massive debts currently, America is no exception. The governments of the world do not exactly intend to build up massive debts, and so this is not a "robbery".
1814Username says2014-08-11T17:08:15.8215652-05:00
This not about debt. This is about missing money. We haven't even begun to talk about debt.
1814Username says2014-08-11T17:08:59.2634352-05:00
I wish people would read the questions. Nowhere do I talk about debt. This is money that disappeared.

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