When you see a person with tattoos, you see....

Posted by: TheINFJNala

NOTE: I do NOT believe in ANY of these stereotypes, or I would be a huge hypocrite. I am just wondering how many of you here believe the stereotypes.

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A person with tattoos

11 votes
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An awesome person

6 votes

An attention seeker

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Someone who will have regrets in the future.

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A sexy person

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An uneducated person

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A tough person

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A criminal

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A mentally ill person

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TheINFJNala says2014-11-11T10:46:14.3518409-06:00
If the only reason to get tattoos is to seek attention, then why do we wear fashionable clothes? They draw attention.
TheINFJNala says2014-11-11T10:47:00.6045556-06:00
Rphk123, why shouldn't women get tattoos? That is sexist.
blackkid says2014-11-11T10:47:28.7933942-06:00
... Obviously?
blackkid says2014-11-11T10:48:06.0202199-06:00
Let me restate that: Wearing fashionable clothing is obviously a social behavior seeking to either conform or acquire attention.
TheINFJNala says2014-11-11T10:48:33.6799064-06:00
Blackkid, you know that tattoos can be covered, right? Someone could have tattoos but you can't see it because they are covered by clothes. So no-not all people who get tattoos get them for attention. Some? Yes. All? No!
blackkid says2014-11-11T11:22:18.8900149-06:00
The value of a tattoo that cannot be seen is imaginary. That is unless you're worried you'll forget whatever it stands for or it's purely aesthetic which in turn makes it purely cosmetic and therefore attention seeking from those you show it to.
blackkid says2014-11-11T11:22:47.6885379-06:00
Since you brought it up it's no different than not wearing fancy clothing all the time. The closet hides them when you aren't in them.
Formerland1 says2014-11-11T13:06:22.0541099-06:00
Usually it "means something " or was done for attention . Without asking its near impossible to tell which .
carriead20 says2014-11-12T19:02:53.9045089-06:00
@sjrrj: So what you're saying is the tattoo of my squad's logo and my the name's of the squad members who have died to protect me and my squad mates is tacky, tasteless, and I'll regret it?
Kreakin says2014-11-12T19:21:40.7213989-06:00
Military tattoos are in a different class and i think are respected and won't be veiwed as a fashion accessory that went out of date. They also won't have the same impact on your image when it comes to employment. It's always worth a look through the tattoos of previous generations to see just how odd you may look in 20 yrs with a celtic band. Not to mention how tattoos look when they loose resolution over time. It's a bit like the earings people are stretching their ears with, a 40 yr old with a big hole in their earlob is going to look a bit silly driving in thier SUV to work long after the desire to be different has gone..

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