Where are My Polls?

Posted by: reece

I'm sure i left them here a second ago.

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They got deleted because of a discriminatory motive.

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DDO needs a political revolution.

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reece says2016-03-04T14:25:50.8994006Z
@ 58539672 They weren't that bad, right?
PetersSmith says2016-03-04T17:26:20.1978678Z
I informed you many times about what was wrong with the polls you were making, even clarifying it with airmax. Other users have sometimes done the same, and the "issue" was dealt with in the same manner. To summarize what I said before, the polls you have been making are really not polls. They are the type of "opinion" topic that belong in the forms. This does not mean the content is "bad" as it definitely has intellectual value, they're just not "polls". Adding " other" to them does not negate the issue. As for your most recent poll with the "animal mating noises" that provided no value and "did you know" polls are also more fit for the forums if you wanted to discuss it. You should be well-informed enough to be able to distinguish whether or not your poll repeats the same pattern as your others. You can also look at what polls of yours are kept to see examples. There is no "discrimination" here.
PetersSmith says2016-03-04T17:30:07.7093511Z
If you still have issues, you can discuss it with airmax since I do what he says. Otherwise, things will continue as normal.
reece says2016-03-04T18:05:17.7054648Z
@PetersSmith The "animal mating noises" poll was categorized as "Funny." What does "Funny" mean? What type of poll would be categorized under "Funny"? It seems you're not judging objectively. The word's ambiguous for the context. Both the polls were fair questions. I let people add their own opinions. I'd rather took to you directly.
reece says2016-03-04T20:23:10.4186761Z
PetersSmith says2016-03-04T21:29:23.1241724Z
Reece: No, you'll be talking to airmax if you have a problem with moderation.

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