Where the British the bad guys in the American Revolutionary War?

Posted by: Stormtrooper1138

  • The British were the bad people since they refused to give America their independence.

  • The British were the good guys because the 13 colonies should not have argued back. The Great Britain created the 13 colonies and supported it. Without the Great Britain, the 13 colonies would not have existed.

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41% 15 votes
  • Could have at least made America a puppet state or represented in Parliament

  • Unlike the other colonies of Britain America was actually treated really poorly and used more or less as a bizarre conduit for an exploration team. Instead of being treated as citizens they were treated as slaves and indentured servants regardless of their contracts or their political asylum status.

  • If they let the colonies be represented in Parliament, there wouldn't have been a problem. That's all the colonies wanted, though Great Britain did have a right (and needed) the taxes from the colonies, that wasn't the problem, the colonies just wanted a little representation.

    Posted by: Itani
  • Despite the fact that the Thirteen Colonies were indeed created by the British Empire, the British Empire did not treat them as being part of the motherland by not giving them the basic rights that British people and places had. Therefore implying independence.

  • Great Britain is an island, not a country, so the entire argument of the other side is invalid. But, assuming that they meant the British Empire, then I'll argue that the colonists went over here, and were guaranteed rights as Englishmen. They were unfairly taxed and received no representation in parliament. King George III was the oppressor, and the colonies definitely were not 'bad'.

  • The Brits attacked freedom since they existed as a nation. They were always bad and even now England is becoming worse.

  • The British were oppressing the colonists. The colonists had every right to rebel.

  • I assume you mean Lord North and the troops serving under him by the "bad guys". Yes.

  • This is actually very true. The Americans of this time were actually the terrorists. The British created the nation that is now the United States of America, whether the people of America want to believe it or not.

  • King George III was the reason for the Revolution, not the British people.

  • In my possibly paranoid pov Colonies are far more secure if they self govern, the people wont value it however unless it is fought for and won. If you look at the people at the top and who run the colonies they are all British descendants tied to Regal power in some way. There was one that wasn't and tried to go against the military order...

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atheist-eo says2014-11-11T13:32:38.2038259-06:00
They were just trying to protect the integrity of the British Empire, a normal thing at the time. Ps. Not British, nor American.
Kylar says2014-11-11T13:34:53.4266152-06:00
I am in support of the UK heart and soul, and I think that without them, we would never exsist! God bless the UK!
Prettycatlol says2014-11-11T13:35:00.5713236-06:00
Everything was just fine. Stupid americans...
One4dogtag says2014-11-11T15:26:57.8216784-06:00
Britain's cause for fighting was for America's money, but America's cause for fighting was for freedom. Now take your pick. Which one is more important to you? Besides, if you have possession of something and which you have them against their will isn't that considered as slavery?
Gustav_Adolf_II says2014-11-12T13:48:43.6447813-06:00
I don't think there were any clear good guys and bad guys, both sides did some pretty bad stuff as well as some good stuff. But I think the British government was ultimately at fault for the war, one of the major complaints that started the american revolutionary war was the lack of representation in Parliament, if the government had simply granted the 13 colonies representation and stopped treating them like second class citizens, there would have been a much slimmer chance of there being a revolution.
debate_power says2014-11-12T16:17:22.0502525-06:00
King George III had nothing to do with the revolution!
Anonymous says2014-11-12T16:44:05.4905653-06:00
^Im assuming you never read the declaration of independence.

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