Where would you rather go (beach or skiing)?

Posted by: Byzcat

Would you rather travel to a beach or go skiing

  • Beach

  • Skiing

88% 7 votes
12% 1 votes
  • Would rather be freezing or tanning?The right answer is tanning because you can swim, play in the sand, and relax. Skiing would be freezing, get frostbite, and frustrated of how cold you are. All the way THE BEACH!

  • the beach is better... yeah that's it...

  • skiing all the way!!!! I am from Utah and we have the Best Snow on earth so ya skiing

    Posted by: BIGC
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rachel_dance54 says2015-06-04T11:34:17.4701164-05:00
The beach because it is more relaxing and in skiing you have to work really hard and vacation in my opinion is supposed to be relaxing not work. I would rather swim play in the sand , tan and chill out than freeze, fall on my face and focus..

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