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  • anyone who chooses beatsdoesn't know what good sound is

    Posted by: bbulz
  • Here's the truth: BOSE is a company that actually RESEARCHES audio technology and DEVELOPS it. What they do is to actually make better audio hardware and louder audio output that is still small enough to actually be comfortable with. That's why BOSE may seem expensive. On the other side, Beats is a company that researches how to make REGULAR audio systems sound better. There is nothing "uhmazing ahnd sooper speshul" about Beats audio. It's simply speakers and headphones optimized with a built-in equalizer that dynamically changes according to the sounds that are being played. It's the truth. You may cry now.

  • better sound but beats cooler

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superdave01 says2015-02-06T13:39:03.3829652-06:00
Yes it does matter because some people can live off it and some cant because it really depends if you have a family or where you live at.
superdave01 says2015-02-06T13:40:04.9136044-06:00
Betas are better
superdave01 says2015-02-06T13:40:16.3363486-06:00
Astrosity says2015-02-08T23:10:26.2152968-06:00
Beats audio and everything else they make are simply equalized music. That's it. There's nothing special about it. One of the few things that attracts people to use Beats is because of the "quality of music" and its popularity. On the other hand, BOSE is the company that is making the headphones and stereos actually sound better via the hardware (Unlike Beats that uses software). As well, BOSE focuses on louder sound from small devices. BOSE actually researches and develops new sound technology and hardware. In conclusion, BOSE is better. By quality, volume, and not cheating.

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