Which Book is Better #1?

Posted by: smartiepants23

Choose between two best-selling books!

  • The Giver

  • Charlotte's Web

71% 12 votes
29% 5 votes
  • The giver because Charlotte, the spider, dies in the end! LIKE WHY?????? Charlotte is the person who motivates Wilbur so she is the best character. BUT SHE DIES!!!

  • A good back is one that is uncliched. None of us saw Charlotte's death coming, It was unpredictable and nobody expected that from a children's book. Certainly better than your classic good guys all survive and win, Bad guys die.

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Ravenhood says2018-01-25T21:04:07.5015729Z
I have no idea which book is the best. All books are awesome to me!!!
brokenx says2018-02-03T22:56:57.1567802Z
I like both books but I haven't read or watched Charlotte's Web since elementary school. So I'm just going to pick The Giver, since I had to do an essay on it in English a couple months ago and I watched the movie at home at around the same time.

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