• Call of Duty Black Ops 1

  • Call of Duty Black Ops 2

38% 24 votes
62% 39 votes
  • I just didn't enjoy the feel of black ops 2, it was too different from the first one in my opinion.

  • In the first champain's first level has no unique models, look at a grop of alies standing thgeter, they are identical!

  • Lag ops 2 is full of tryhards and MLG geeks who think gaming is a sport


  • Black Ops 2 is a disappointment.

  • Black ops 2 was good it had good graphics, amazing zombies , good multiplayer however black ops 1 is way better the multiplayer runs smoother and was fantastic the campaigns for both were good but bo1 was way better and amazing the zombies in bo1 is harder with more bosses and creatures and zombie dogs in bo1 was way harder than the zombie dogs in bo2 they were so easy

  • Black Ops 1 was better since it took place in the Cold War, something mot many shooters do nowadays (or ever, really. We need more games where the Reds are the bad guys). It had a genuinely good storyline, decent characters, fun levels, and good graphics and sound. This is one of those rare CoD games where actual effort was put into the single-player campaign; it wasn't exactly long, but at least it lasted more than four hours! In my opinion this is one of the most unique games in the CoD series. The multiplayer maps were ingeniously designed and the powerups were a lot of fun.

    Posted by: Kahuna
  • I have to say black ops original. It had the most amazing zombies. With PHD on every map, I used to make it to round 20 easily. Black ops 2 was a pain because of the fire. I remember I was on round 16 with the SMR. I felt like a champ. Then I got killed by the fire. I got really mad at Black ops II and never played it since.

  • my fav. love playing it. :)

    Posted by: leojm
  • In case you haven't noticed, Black Ops 2 has sold the most copies in the entire Call of Duty series let alone these two. Black Ops 2 is much better because it has overall better gameplay, in Campaign, Multiplayer AND Zombies and it runs better with less glitches/bugs or exploits than the first game.

  • BLOPS 2 ftw!

  • I like the feature and the game play on the second one a whole lot better than i do on the first one. I will agree that both had great zombies maps:)

  • they were both great games, and both would make my top 3 list if i ever made one. but i had more fun with BO2 especially when i went to KFC and ate chicken all night while playing call of duty

    Posted by: EGB707
  • I like blackops 2 was better because there was league play and I got to see what I was ranked nationally MASTER 9 WOOHOOO And I liked buried and Origins way better

  • so much better graphics and weapons

  • Story and weapons are great

  • Black Ops 2 is better- better gameplay, graphics, story, guns, no lag, SAME MAPS AS BO1 JUST LOOK BETTER, New awesome maps as NukeTown 2025, zombies more fun as Tranzit and stuff like that so why waste money on Bo1? Bo2 is the SAME THING just BETTER in MANY ways its like the modified version of Bo1

  • i think the mulitpul game modes on zombies was the one of the things that made BO2 so good

  • this is one of my first games i played

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yay842 says2013-09-03T22:44:34.5858048-05:00
They're both good
Ngugu says2013-09-05T23:41:06.0000457-05:00
Not a fan of CoD, but zombies are fun with friends though.
wn says2013-09-08T09:04:26.2914117-05:00
I just don't want a history lesson; can't live without computers.
cameron6545 says2014-05-19T12:04:17.4409507-05:00
I like both but i like the graphics in blackops2 is better. I like the old maps an the guns . But i dont lile the lava in zombie's gameplay.
cameron6545 says2014-05-19T12:04:51.9793507-05:00
I like blackops 1 and 2 i like the good graphics in bo2 but i like all the old maps in bo1
cameron6545 says2014-05-19T12:06:07.0992496-05:00
I like blackops 1 and 2 i like the good graphics in bo2 but i like all the old maps in bo1
Yellowist says2015-01-11T13:08:24.7483345-06:00
Neither they both are bad.

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