• Finn

  • Jake

11% 1 votes
89% 8 votes
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HiJackedGaming says2013-09-15T19:13:59.9842738-05:00
Neither adventure time sucks badly
Krieg01 says2013-09-15T19:53:28.9445140-05:00
Adventure time does not suck, it is an amazing T.V. Show that has been going on for a while and in my opinion Fiona and cake make for a better story.
yay842 says2013-09-15T23:46:22.8094491-05:00
All my friends like Adventure Time.
Kumquatodor says2013-09-16T09:55:30.6352706-05:00
Simon Petrov is the best. No, not Ice King, Simon...
wn says2013-09-16T13:36:00.2754292-05:00
Why does Finn get to hang out with two hot teenage girls?

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