Which company makes better phones?

Posted by: Zarlak

This is debate is strictly between Sony and Apple, please leave an argument with your vote :)

  • Apple Inc create better phones (Eg: Iphone 4)

  • Sony Corporation Create better phones (Eg: Xperia Z)

56% 9 votes
44% 7 votes
  • I believe that Sony's phones are more reliable then phones made by Apple Inc due to their strong durability. I also believe the camera quality of an Xperia is greater then any Iphone and most importantly Apple Inc overprice all of their products as well as their phones deeming Sony the superior company in phone creation, imo.

    Posted by: Zarlak
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iamanatheistandthisiswhy says2014-05-16T00:45:20.0507357-05:00
What no Samsung?
presh says2014-05-16T01:18:15.4545154-05:00
I think apple Is the best, the camera is much better and the system works good.
Zarlak says2014-05-16T03:54:05.2727022-05:00
No Samsung not for this one anyway
Zarlak says2014-05-16T08:02:31.7783357-05:00
Im pleasantly surprised with how many people are voting against apple
ECLP says2014-05-16T09:03:00.0197056-05:00
Boing aviation makes better phone because their black box phone deletes all data if broken into which makes it the most protected phone in history :D

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