Which company makes better smartphones, Apple or Samsung?

Posted by: Julian_Draxler03

  • Apple Inc.

  • Samsung

46% 12 votes
54% 14 votes
  • Apple has a way better interface simple but super useful. Samsung's interface is too cluttered and complicated. Their phones are also have much more glitches. The only thing new they have with each phone is increased size. The samsung smartphone is already too big and they're still making bigger ones.

  • Samsung has copied i phones like the galaxy. just a iPhone with ok google and android operating system. Ok google isint even that good it can only do stuff on google. Siri on the other hand is useful. She can keep tips tell the traffic and turn of wifi and other stuff

  • Because sam sung a song

  • Samsung actually has better phones, just apple is over rated by society.

  • Apple have poor decision making skills and just come up with almost the same kind of phones over and over again. The iphon 4s was exactly same as the iphone 5, they just made it longer. Thats it. Samsung has killed it this year by releasing the samsung galaxy S6 Edge with its cunning design and its surprising sharp and clear display. Apple copid samsung but samsung always finds a way to make the best.The future.

  • The difference of technology between Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy S5 is, literally, the size between an Apple and a Galaxy. Samsung is tremendously better than Apple, while Apple only fights with stupid design. Samsung is the appropriate mobile phone for the 21st century. Besides, Apple has kept the same design for 5 years now and has been unoriginal, not to mention its high prices and net worth drop.

    Posted by: fceux
  • give up apple, Samsung will always be the king of smartphones

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Julian_Draxler03 says2015-04-21T21:22:37.1389759-05:00
When I say apple I mean iPhone 6 and when I say Samsung I mean Samsung Galaxy S6

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