Which console will you buy: PS4 or Xbox One?

Posted by: Fereska

Which next gen console are you planning on buying, or have already pre-ordered?

  • PlayStation 4

  • Xbox One

67% 112 votes
33% 54 votes
  • I owned an Xbox but I'm thinking about getting a playstation 4

    Posted by: leojm
  • Sony has made the right choices from the beginning. Microsoft went back on their word when they saw that their ideas were really bad and their new console interested no one. What's stopping them from slowly putting back all the laws they stated at E3? Nothing! Everyone who have been fooled have already bought the game and Microsoft would have already got their money. Here are a couple of reasons why PS4 is superior: 1/ The PS4 has a wider variety of exclusive games with more than 140 in production at this moment. 2/ The Xbox's exclusives are beginning to get old, like what everyone saw with the newest Halo. 3/ It has a faster, stronger hard drive. 4/ An external memory can be added to it for extra space 5/ You get better free game with PS+, while Microsoft hands out AC 2 and other games that are very old. 6/ The controller of the PS4, as said by most youtubers who went to E3, feels better. 7/ The PS4 definitely looks better, instead of that old tape recorder inspired theme of the Xbox one. 8/ Sony does not enforce the PS Move with every PS4 console. Including many many other reasons :) Maybe people who prefer the Xbox see it differently than I do... To each his own ;)

  • That Xbox always-on camera was creepy enough even before we knew Microsoft would sell us out to the NSA.

  • I have a ps3 and an xbox 360 and although xbox gets dibs on new releases of video games, I'm more satisfied and comfortable with ps3. So I expect the same with this one.

    Posted by: yay842
  • Even though Microsoft corrected their error. Companies are never going to learn not to try and pull (insert negative word here) if we keep allowing them to do that. I am going for the PlayStation 4, I am a PC gamer but when I play console its so I can exchange games with my friends.

  • I have both consoles but with what is going on with the gaming industry at the moment i would have to go with the PS4.

  • I've owned Playstation 2, and Playstation 3, so yes I will be getting Playstation 4. It's the better console :)

    Posted by: Numble
  • obviously ps4

  • lbnjlkhljkl

  • Xbox just wants to compete with PlayStation... that's just it. I have had a PlayStations 1,2,3. I would love to try out the ps4!

  • its made by chinese

  • Xbox one is just The playstation 3 kinda

  • XBOX is for skrubbs

  • higitgotgithpLeave a comment (optional)

  • Playstation 4 has way better graphics, better games and is just a boss console

  • i got xbox one, When i grow as an adult, I, M going to have ps4.

  • I get free games with PS plus. Ive gotten dead by daylight, For honor, Friday the 13th, And many more. Other than that, I wouldnt mind having an Xbox.

  • It's my console.

  • Why not? I mean all my friends have Xbox Ones, and we can exchange games and play with each other.

  • I have the xbox one and I love it. To be honest the console wars is just which your friends play, and what exclusives you like more. If all your friends have an xbox, you'd probably get an xbox and vise versa for playstation... (PS im a halo fan) May the console wars, IGNITE!

  • i have already got an xbox1, like, forever

  • Xbox One has backwards compatibility. As of now, I can play COD WaW, Black Ops 1, Red Dead Redemption, Portal 2, Portal: Still Alive, and more on my Xbox One.

  • Because #Microsoft Sure PS4 has better graphics and had a lower opening price... But the "Betterness" ends there. We have some free multiplayer and XBOX Play Anywhere!!!

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Shadowguynick says2013-09-04T17:03:27.4055737-05:00
PC Nuff said
blackkill56 says2013-09-05T02:07:51.8901670-05:00
They're both going to be rubbish. They were made too early and should of at least waited another year or so. What is new? Graphics, sound, hard-drive, memory? OMG, I CAN CONNECT TO FACEBOOK AND YOUTUBE!! I AM SO GETTING THIS. This is pathetic. If these were released a bit later, we could of had a technologic breakthrough and introduced 4D gaming. However, they rushed and now, it's just another console. :l
yay842 says2013-09-06T23:26:16.6517962-05:00
Plenty of people still get xbox instead of ps4.
Cionxdistan says2014-01-14T12:36:32.0019813-06:00
Neither of them are really next generation gaming.... It's like they took an xbox 360 and a PS3 and said "Let's see how many bells and whistles we can add onto the same thing. Oh yeah, and let's put Facebook on it too."
Juan.B says2015-02-03T10:01:52.7344135-06:00
PS4 is boss
deathwish188 says2015-03-04T16:58:57.1090275-06:00
Ever heard of halo? Look it up
deathwish188 says2015-03-21T11:47:13.8759554-05:00
I don't like getting hacked often and the servers being down alot, that's why Xbox one is better, because it hardly ever gets hacked, and if it somehow does, the servers won't be down for 23 days like PlayStation network in 2011
FroggoMan says2018-04-09T20:54:34.3147246Z
Nonce. Il stay wwith my beloved PC :)

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