Which country do you prefer and why

Posted by: dylangraphic23

Russia or china

  • Russia

  • China

48% 10 votes
52% 11 votes
  • In China, You can't own guns, The internet is heavily censored, And the country is run by a Communist party. Russia is the opposite. They have learned their ways and how socialism ruins countries, They are democratic, The internet is NOT censored, And they have the right to firearms. Also because Russia has better military capabilities, For which I greatly respect them for, Putin is a great leader, Hardbass music, And the gopnik/slav meme culture. Russia is better than China.

  • I have no Chinese OCs yet so Russia it is

  • Russia has AK-47s and the USSR anthem

  • more religious freedom than the People's Republic of China, Its a christian country, Not run by a leftist (e. G. Communist) one party state.

  • Da savanya communism.

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