Which country do you prefer and why?

Posted by: dylangraphic23

USA or Australia?

  • USA

  • Australia

54% 14 votes
46% 12 votes
  • The U. S is financially better, We have better culture driving on the left of the car is better because it is mass produced and cheap, Rather than converting the whole car into rhd.

  • These countries are almost the same thing, I really do not see a difference in terms of people, Culture, Etc. Their crime rates are close to each other, With the USA being around 30th, And the Aussies at 47th. I wouldn't mind living in either country, But USA has better economics so. . .

  • USA is superior to any other

  • The USA has more freedoms and a great democracy that gives power to the people

  • merica

  • I prefer Reptiles over Mammals, I prefer Robots over Humans, And I prefer Australian women over American men!

  • I love the States, I used to want to be the secretary of state and then the president, However the United States have created a huge mess by electing Donald Trump as president. Also, Guns are legal, But kinder surprises are illegal, That's not right. The electoral system in America is also less democratic because a candidate such as Hillary won the popular vote by millions but Trump got more electoral votes so he won, That makes no sense and it's far from democracy.

  • their accent

  • Australia is much better than USA because it is healthy with developed. Living in Australia means you are enjoying nature you don't have any problem from xenophobia type person but USA has.

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billsands says2018-12-12T17:37:11.2900541Z
France or better Belgium no capital gains tax
smokey0990 says2018-12-15T09:31:13.6982969Z
Xenophobia as well as homophobia runs deep on both sides, Neither side should be throwing those particular stones. Granted you could make a case that America is more xenophobic since we have idiots screaming about it in the streets, But you would have to ignore the fact that Australia is one of the most difficult countries to even get into let alone be allowed to stay for extended periods. Meanwhile America has numerous programs giving away college scholarships and citizenship en masse to foreigners for all manner of different reasons. Plus it's always been notoriously easy to get into this country for Canadians and anyone from the UK especially. That said I'm not really sure what the point is for these questions. How can any of us give an informed answer unless we happen to have lived in both countries? At best we're just guessing based on what the media tells us, Coupled with any nationalist pride, And neither of those things are gonna give you any real reliable information.

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