Which country do you prefer and why?

Posted by: dylangraphic23

China or France

  • China

  • France

17% 3 votes
83% 15 votes
  • France is terrible at all things. Military-wise, It lost to the Germans, To the Russian, And to the Romans in the past. Their language sounds like a cat choking on its' own vomit, And their culture is just bad. They act all arrogant, As if they are the best. They're not. They have to face the hard truth. Chinese people created more inventions than THEY have. Also at the very moment, They can sure talk about the poverty in China, Whereas they are swarmed with useless immigrants. I'm laughing my ass of rn

  • China, As we know, Is a third world country. China has very rich areas but is also very poor. The pollution in that country is outrageous and the it is extremely overpopulated.

  • china is communist and france is not making france better, Plus france is an ally of usa and china is our main threat

    Posted by: s53282
  • Chinese is small penis

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Youforgotme says2019-01-02T18:25:57.3578253Z
Nether, Because I just don't like China, And I for sure don't like the French. The reason for me disliking China, Well there a lot actually. But the main reason is because they trying to harm the US interest at every turn in the global. There are many other reasons. I will just keep it simple here. As for the French, Will because they think they are better than everyone and they are too soft in the world stage. And with that I mean they don't have any back bone to stand up against Russia, Same with most of the European countries. That's why.
W0LV3NBANE says2019-01-02T18:47:10.5600933Z
My only experience with france is the "Quebecois" we have around canada. Which, For anyone who knows anthing about the "Quibecois" are either decent people or snobbish jerks. I haven't been to quebec, But all the "Quebecqois" i've met (which is only around twenty in cuba) were the snobbish jerks variety.

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