• UK

70% 26 votes
30% 11 votes
  • don't

    Posted by: Meanie
  • I've lost all hope in the U. S being a good country again.

  • I'm picking this one because every argument so far is bad. The USA has Donald trump who spends too much money on the military and is very racist toward Mexicans.

    Posted by: jhjhjh
  • i believe that uk is more beautiful and has a richer history than the us

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Left_Libertarian says2019-05-13T14:36:57.6437268Z
I have an unbiased opinion in this case as I dislike many things about both countries. I picked the UK over USA because of one very large aspect that the UK has over the US. Culture, The UK has culture whilst the US lacks cultured people on a large mass. The USA certainly has cultured people but a minority extremely.
BritishHater says2019-05-14T18:24:25.4284648Z
Dumb british. Death to Britain
BOBGEN2 says2019-07-22T23:53:15.9341958Z
Americans are quite stupid I have to say, Many reasons. . . EVERYONE HAS FREEDOM YOU f***ing IDIOTS

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