• France

  • Russia

44% 12 votes
56% 15 votes
  • My family came from France 200 years ago so it in my blood, The food the art, The revolutions the grand armee, Paris, France is my very favorite nation in the world

  • philippines

  • Russia is a country with a track record of atrocities and human rights violations. Whether it be arresting political opponents under the guise of corruption, Or killing of a former Russian spy who was originally involved in a spy swap, Russia has a reputation for being temperamental and unreasonable. Though France has it's own share of problems, It is not intimately involved in depriving it's citizens of basic human rights Hence, France is the country I would prefer by a mile.

  • This debate basically means you like the underdog or the superpower? Good or Evil? France will probably lose, But with dignity (at least with what little dignity it has).

  • They don't surrendar like france

  • -Strong Military -Formidable People -Rich History and Culture -Dosen't fucking surrender -Don't smell -Aren't a bunch of god snobs

  • It was where Joseph Stalin was born of course Russia

  • France is swarmed with immigrants at this moment in history, Having lost its' culture. But what culture? The one of surrendering? That language that sounds like a cat choking on its' own vomit? The only good thing they have is food, But even that they stole from other people. They're also arrogant Russia, On the other hand, Is a great country, It has beautiful lands, Beautiful food, Beautiful language, Beautiful people, And beautiful culture. None of those things can be said of the opposite French.

  • Where did France's red and blue come from? But in all honestly I have no clue why I dislike France and her people. All I have is screw France.

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billsands says2018-12-21T22:56:24.2339698Z
France is wonderful i have been there many times there is no place more splendid
Random_Person36 says2018-12-29T01:04:20.1680212Z
Putin, Enough said.

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