• North Korea

  • China

15% 4 votes
85% 22 votes
  • I wish China would be better, So i prefer China!

  • North Korea is a place where people are inslaved for trying to leave their lives but I have heard rumors that China have also Inslaved Muslims but is not confirmed yet.

  • China is what Socialism should be working toward. . . North Korea is hell on earth

  • Although you can be killed for being a Christian in both places, I prefer China because without them, America wouldn't have most of the products they sell in their stores.

  • Much better place than North Korea. 1. More freedom in general 2. Not as much propoganda 3. China is much richer.

    Posted by: zhaod1
  • Korea wasn't so bad 10 years ago. But ever since Kim Jong Un-able-to-rule-his-country came to power, Things went downhill. I wish death to that little piece of shit that doesn't know the duties of a leader.

  • At least people can leave China

  • Sure. . . In the last century tens of millions were killed here but that's not the case anymore so CHINA WINS!

  • more F. R. E. E you know. . . . . . Hehheh

  • china has enough freedom here.

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