Which country is more peaceful: Israel or Palestine?

Posted by: Rjupudi18

  • Israel

  • Palestine

69% 22 votes
31% 10 votes
  • Isreal of course, Palestine is out of line Isreal was there first Plus it is their homeland and have many ties to the area way before Palestine was even thought of.

  • Muslims only care about enslaving, raping, and killing anyone that is not them. Israel is only protecting them selves from those that wish to destroy them.

    Posted by: Sydron
  • Just look at the pictures for each country

  • i feel that Palestine is the peace ful nation and is under attack from isreal

  • Palestinians were forced out of their homes with no choice in 1948. They were slaughtered, raped and tortured. There are a number of strict rules placed on Palestinians and they continue to be forced out of their homes in order for settlements to be built. Muslims, Christians, and Jews lived peacefully before the illegal state of israel was created.

  • Wait a minute. Why is Israel presented by a picture of it's SUPPORTERS while palestine is presented by it's SOLDIERS. Either both's soldiers or both's supporters. Injustice.

  • first of all if you are going to do such poll then please represent both sides equally. either soldiers on both sides or citizens. palestinians have been dragged out of their houses and their land by people who they don't know. Jews people, muslim people, atheist and any other religion they are all equal we all are humans. isreal didn't go and said let us live in peace but they came and they were like this is our land give it to us. throught out the years isreal has been expanding and taking more land from palstine

    Posted by: redar
  • Since we are talking about the nations, not political factions, the answer is obviously Israel. The Palestinian security services have not engaged in any major military conflicts and have only been used for internal security in the Palestinian authority. The IDF are actively occupying the Palestinian territories and engage in major military campaigns regularly. If you expand the definition to include all actions, since September 2000, a total 1,206 Israelis have been killed by Palestinians while nearly 10,000 Palestinians have been Killed by Israelis. Israel has been targeted with 77 UN resolutions concerning war crimes and violations of international law, while Palestine has been targeted with 1. And while 0 Israeli homes have been demolished since 1967, while 48,488 Palestinian homes have been destroyed by Israel.

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dietorangesoda says2016-10-22T23:11:09.2781412Z
How bout neither?
Tree_of_Death says2016-10-22T23:43:35.1734043Z
Another completely biased picture choice.
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-23T21:49:38.0927531Z
Tree_of_Death It's not biased. It's the truth. Israel is governed by a peaceful, secular, democratic government. Palestine is governed by Hamas, a bloodthirsty, Islamic cult.
redar says2016-10-24T16:01:24.7960468Z
Your reply in itself is rather discriminating what do you think of the people that are going to school and are students from palestine which everyday their trip school is a gamble of their life
Mrpresident16 says2016-10-24T17:20:49.4721894Z
Nevertheless, truthful.
Rjupudi18 says2016-10-24T20:02:52.1721140Z
@redar you should really learn how to read. I said Palestine is less peaceful because it is GOVERNED by an Islamic cult known as Hamas. While most of the people are "peaceful", they are brainwashed by Hamas and Islamic clerics to hate Israel even though Israel is moving towards peace. Peace cannot be achieved with one side wanting to slaughter the citizens of the other side.
BrendanD19 says2016-10-24T22:03:41.9909869Z
Only Gaza is governed by Hamas, you moron. The Palestinian Authority in the West Bank is controlled by Fatah.
laramohd says2016-10-26T22:28:23.5986485Z
Um that picture choice is so freakin biased
Falperolf says2016-10-28T15:08:15.6383122Z
The one who swore to destroy Israel and America, or the one who just wants a land of their own? Hmm, hard choice. NOT!
BlargArgNarg says2016-11-29T00:14:54.3433008Z
They both suck major a*s

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