Which country should the United States intervene in?

Posted by: MasturDbtor

The other poll got screwed up because of the gd autofil on this site coming in from wikipedia and replacing the descriptions I wanted for most of my entries.

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Chagos Islands

The entire population of these islands is in exile, mostly living in poverty in Mauritius. The islands were seized by a country for military purposes and the islanders all removed in spite of the military only actually using one of the islands. Oh w... ait a minute, the United States did that. So we could intervene here by withdrawing our troops or just letting Britain know we’re OK with the Chagossians resettling the islands. This option is the easiest   more
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Assad has allegedly used chemical weapons on his own civilians. However, there are also allegations of the same from the rebels. A substantial portion of the rebels have Al Qaeda sympathies, estimates have even included half of all the rebels. There...  have been reports of persecution of religious and ethnic minorities by some rebels, including the forced conversion of Christians at gun point   more
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President Omar al-Bashir has been indicted by the International Criminal Court for helping aid the Janjaweed militias in carrying out campaigns of genocide where 10s of thousands to even 100s of thousands of people have died, and many people have ... been forced into slavery   more
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Under their recently passed anti-slavery laws there have been no prosecutions for slavery but plenty for people protesting over the continuation of the practice. In practice slavery remains legal in Mauritania. An estimation of 600,000 people, 20% o... f the country's population are held in slavery   more
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Democratic Republic of Congo

The Democratic Republic of Congo, not to be confused with the Republic of the Congo, (its western neighbor) has been in a civil war (for how long). Particularly in the east of the country there are regular rapes carried out by militias on innocent c... ivilians. These militias are alleged to be supported by Rwanda and Uganda. Should the United States intervene to help the DRC fight against these militant groups and their supporters   more
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Haa says2013-09-08T00:27:26.6128900-05:00
Not my fault
47iscool says2013-09-10T16:43:40.3689008-05:00
Kenneth_Stokes says2013-09-10T18:44:32.5423419-05:00
The amount of apathy Americans exert is astounding.
bostonmick1591 says2013-09-19T00:22:14.2782402-05:00
Here's a wild theory, how about we don't get involved in any of these countries and mind our own business?

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