• USA

  • Japan

89% 24 votes
11% 3 votes
  • This is a no brainer. The United States in all categories: army, Navy, Air force and marines far surpass any of the numbers that the Japanese military has. In addition, It boasts the second highest supply of nuclear armaments and first in military hardware. Moreover, The United States has engaged in many skirmishes throughout the last 50 years or so so they have both tactical and experience know-how.

  • USA has a arsenal of over 6, 000 nuclear warheads.

    Posted by: T3m1n
  • Cheeto man smart and will destroy asians

  • Hiroshima all over again

  • no doubt think the usa and its allies (NATO) vs japan lets give them americas enimes iran north korea and russia the numbers would win and als it hapend once itll hapen again

  • In terms of most powerful military nations as of 2018 America was ranked first with Japan coming in eighth. USA has 1, 281, 900 active personnel while Japan has 247, 157. America's aircraft strength is 13, 362 in comparison to Japan with 1, 508. Also, America has 5, 884 combat tanks and 415 naval assets while Japan has 679 combat tanks and 131 naval assets. Finally, America would have the support of their allies (e. G. NATO).

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kafkafranz says2018-12-15T00:41:59.0411714Z
Germany would win.
smokey0990 says2018-12-15T09:48:01.4114969Z
Pretty sure they thought that the last 2 times as well.
JasonGrace says2019-01-07T15:17:56.2164294Z
The Hiroshima and Nagasaki bombing during the final stage of WWII was proof of America's power and they could very well use nuclear weapons against Japan again and win.

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