Which degree should I go for?

Posted by: SNP1

I want to study, primarily, early Christianity.

  • Ancient History

  • New Testament History

87% 13 votes
13% 2 votes
  • New Testament history is ancient history, so you can touch on it within ancient history.

  • religion history will get you absolutely nowhere in the world. literally nowhere. Ancient history isnt much better but because its a more encompassing topic it gives you a better range to work with

  • It depends heavily on what you want to get a job in, but Ancient History has a bigger variety of job opportunities.

    Posted by: Fernyx
  • Get in with your life in the better world

  • I personally feel that the New Testament will be better for you to invest your time in.

    Posted by: NMH
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Tyhower says2016-05-16T18:44:04.8388198Z
Dont do any of these studing sucks
imabench says2016-05-17T04:56:42.1109631Z
You should go study how to spell studying

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