• American

  • English

56% 5 votes
44% 4 votes
  • Its just superior. English accents make me want to vomit, as they sound like the person is gurgling. Americans have greatly simplified the dialect, and created more accent diversity and further simplified one of the worlds most complicated languages. USA!!!

  • Northern white American (excluding NYC and New England).

  • 'Murica Suck it brits those accents sound gay and your flag is really lame move to america and lose the accents you fags 'Murica

    Posted by: Tavix

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Jifpop09 says2014-03-28T15:43:55.4070601-05:00
Biased votes. The two anti-americans are scottish
BblackkBbirdd says2014-03-28T15:47:24.3937841-05:00
I'm only half Scottish.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-28T15:48:32.4396755-05:00
Treachery. I will request the courts bring down capital punishment on you
BblackkBbirdd says2014-03-28T17:33:49.8033854-05:00
Were are you from?
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-28T18:03:43.2688281-05:00
Jamaica man.
Macgreggor says2014-03-28T19:42:17.2084138-05:00
I'm German so I broke the biased.
Jifpop09 says2014-03-28T19:44:17.4695847-05:00
Alright. I just think american sounds so much smoother on the tongue
BblackkBbirdd says2014-03-28T19:50:30.5047149-05:00
I agree with Macgreggor, American's can have pretty awful accents sometimes.
ESocialBookworm says2014-03-28T19:50:56.5669430-05:00
Of course you do...

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