• Hell

  • The sun

45% 18 votes
55% 22 votes
  • Such an easy answer, God created both, the sun will burn on, Hell is eternal. On top of that, hell has been lit for a very very long time, to the point where the heat and flames actually turned white. Take every heat source on this planet, literally. Then multiply it by at least 10x.

  • I think it's dumb to think the Sun is hotter. Hell, isn't just eternal white flames it is infinite heat, pain, and suffering. Hell's flames are so hot, that all of then turned white, whereas only some of the Sun's flames are white. ALL > SOME.

  • Hell. because it is ALL people who did bad in the world go in there. the sun is not hotter, and the devil or god can make hell WAY hotter then the sun if they want to. i believe in god

  • Burn baby burn! Just go inferno!

  • hell will not die but the sun will die like a star one day

  • The core of the sun is hotter than a million degrees kelvin. White flames are not nearly as hot.

    Posted by: Siris
  • The sun is real.

  • Not necessarily 'such an easy answer'! If you're only 10x the hottest thing on Earth for Hell, then the Sun is much hotter than that! Plus, fire can never get as hot as the Sun (AS THE SUN ISN'T MADE FROM FIRE)!!!! So if Hell is made of fire, then the Sun!

  • I don't think the other one exists, so by default the sun must be hotter. Also, I don't remember the bit in the bible where they discuss temperatures being over 15 million degrees Celsius. That's well above the boiling point of every chemical we know, so Satan would be in a bit of trouble.

  • hell dont exist

  • Because Hell isn't actually a literal fiery pit; it's eternal separation from God.

    Posted by: Taust
  • Quoting Revelations 21:8: "But the fearful and unbelieving... shall have their part in the lake which burneth with fire and brimstone." A lake of brimstone, AKA sulfur, implies that hell contains liquid sulfur. According to wikipeida, at atmospheric pressure: - the melting point of sulfur is the boiling point of sulfur is about 115 degrees Celsius (240°F) -the melting point of sulfur is about 444°C (832 °F). Assuming that hell has standard atmospheric pressure, (and I have no reason to assume this, hell could be a giant pressure cooker), this gives us a range of 115-444°C, as sulfur any warmer than that would no longer be liquid, but would evaporate. The coldest part of the sun is its surface (I have no proof or source, this may be false.) The sun's surface temperature is somewhere near 6000 degrees Celsius. (~11000°F). We can already see there is a clear difference, and that the sun is far hotter than (what Revelations 21:8 says about) hell.

  • hell doesen't exist so sun wins by default. Even if hell existed it would be a nice place because if the devil loves evil then he will love the evil people sent there.

  • How could we sizzle in horrible agony if hell was as hot as the sun? If it was we would be vaporized.

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KthulhuHimself says2016-08-09T07:58:16.7437156Z
This is such a stupid poll.
LifeLightI says2016-08-09T16:15:04.8531920Z
I cannot believe people are picking the sun. One day the sun will lose its flame, hell is eternal. Ontop of that hell is the hottest creation.
KthulhuHimself says2016-08-09T16:51:48.1021077Z
How do you know? How do you know that hell even exists, let alone it being the hottest thing in existence? I'm not really looking for scientific evidence regarding the second question, more looking to see how you justify it through religious text.
Megan_Smith says2016-10-04T23:34:56.8419774Z
You know what if hell is the coldest place then the hottest place in the after life.
jenrus says2016-10-29T20:13:46.7740782Z
Considering that Hell is referred to in the Bible, it is described as a place of torment where those who are destined for that place will never die but continually be tormented. Therefore, the flames are hot enough to burn you but not to disintegrate you as would the Sun. In fact, prior to reaching the Sun surface even metal will vaporize due to the immense heat.
Taust says2017-02-19T04:37:47.4484583Z
Hell, Norway freezes over every winter.
RachelDixon says2017-03-08T17:04:02.1695500Z
kgbisafterme says2017-03-08T20:17:08.8763162Z
Y people so oblivious to the truth?

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